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    CLAIMED Free Kalas, you pay shipping

    Hi everybody, sorry I've been away from my computer all day but I will respond to PMs in the order I received them.
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    CLAIMED Free Kalas, you pay shipping

    Hey everybody, I've got two laminate Kalas taking up space that need to go to a home where they'll get played. Both were purchased earlier this year. Kala Pacific Walnut Concert -- Factory settings. Stays in tune surprisingly well. It mostly just sits around and every now and again I'll pick...
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Maybe I misunderstood. I'd clicked on the basic course (the $37.99) and at the bottom it says "You will get access to the full Open Library which ranges from beginner all the way to advanced." Maybe that just means beginner to advanced within the basic course?
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Kinda cool that he's not charging per course, just one blanket fee for the whole thing. I might sign up next month and give it a shot once I have some more free time to actually utilize something like this. If I do, I'll come back and update this thread (or start a new one) with my impressions.
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    my ukulele progress

    Get an instant-read thermometer. At the risk of sounding like an ad, I won't list a brand. But a good thermometer will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. I grew up vegetarian and didn't start cooking meat until my 20s, but I had the opposite problem you have. I overcooked everything...
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Agreed; this is what reddit does; archiving old threads after 6 months (I think). Although they've totally failed at preventing the bot takeover there...
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    Picture Quality

    I've used imgur on a couple of my listings because it's just easier to upload directly from my phone and then post a link instead of having to airdrop photos to my laptop and then open each one individually to convert to a jpeg. Hopefully that isn't something deterring anyone from any of my...
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    Anybody want to sell me a piece of Mahogany for a back?

    I'm repairing an old Vita (I don't think it's the real thing due to lack of manufacturer marks) and the back had some serious cracks in it, so I think I just want to replace the back entirely. Looking for a piece of mahogany to match the sides, but all I can find on tonewood sites are back and...
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    Chord shapes (Major, Minor, D7)

    This is super helpful, thanks for sharing!
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    FS: Price Drop to $550 + shipping: Romero Creations TT6 Guilele

    I'm also tempted on this, but I'm trying to sell some of the ukes I don't play first before buying another one. Doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in buying lately.
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    WTB: Vintage friction tuners

    Thanks for this!
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    Can anyone ID this uke for me? Some kind of Vita

    I got the back off, and I don't think this is a real Vita. There's no Harmony logo on the inside like with others I've seen. The lower brace was angled, which seems like they just glued it on wrong. They used what looks like gauze to join the two halves of the back instead of a strip of wood...
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    WTB: Vintage friction tuners

    I am specifically looking for a set of the Grover tuners that were used on the Harmony Vita ukes, but I'll take anything similar. Looking to spend $50 or less (including shipping). Thanks! Here's a pic of the Vita tuners:
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    Can anyone ID this uke for me? Some kind of Vita

    I think you might be right. I can clearly see grain lines in this top that look very much like spruce. I'm not sure if the neck is even the original, but it was definitely removed and put back on by an amateur judging by the amount of glue that's still visible...and the heel cap is either...