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  • I suppose they'll message us at some point to get our addresses? I'm pretty sure the prizes are coming through UU. I'm not sure!
    Way to go on Mya Moe! You were awesome. One day I hope to be as awesome as you ;) Thanks for sharing your talent with us on UU.
    i want to say congrats man. I really thought you had it haha i love your song so much. Im not sure how many times i listened to it! Please keep writing!
    Oh kid, you're making me blush! Thanks so much for those kind words, they really, and I mean really make my day. Yeah, loads of time and effort it was, the deadline got it out of me! Just wish I'd used new lyrics for the whole song. :) Eh, oh well. It's sweet of you to say I should have gotten something...though you always need a new T-shirt, tight? Sooo....let's you and I team up to create some uke awesome...for SCIENCE! Or for a uke fund. I betcha we could make something brilliant with our powers combined.
    OH MAN Needo! SO many congratulations on your Third Prize Win! Your post in the comment thread made me smile so wide, and you seem like such a fun guy. Congrats again, man. Awesome.
    Hey, thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I think I have an idea now. I hope I have enough time to get it done. I seem to be always a last minute kinda of a guy. BTW, I saw your video and it is first rate. It's a great song.
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