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    Lou Barlow on his history, the baritone uke, and his tunings for it

    Thanks, this looks fun.
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    Sounds like high gain. Some amps have it built in, or if you need a pedal, search some metalhead pedals like Boss HM-2. Maybe Ultra Metal at Sweetwater for $30. Mind you, I don't stand by this pedal (I've never heard it), it's merely an example.
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    Zero fret

    You should try to get a stainless steel replacement fret of the correct size (smaller). Also, I have never heard of a Zero Fret Chord, how is that different from a Nut Fret Chord?
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    DIY Baritone

    how about putting the sound hole on the side?
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    New Ukulele Underground Discord Server

    I'd like to be able to "tip" UU once in a while. I was doing VIP for a while, but I'd love another way to contribute without the auto-billing.
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    The E- Chord - Is there an alternative?

    Thanks for keeping this thread alive. I would have missed some great ideas if the zombie-thread-killers had their way!
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    I would try an op-amp Rat style pedal, but since fuzz was "too much" maybe slicing the cone of the speaker, like The Kinks, in a few places would help? (winking-smiling-emoji)
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    yer keyboard broken?
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Is the OP's request not to revive old threads, or to not respond to old threads that have a spammer on them? I'm unclear why the spammers don't respond to new threads? And what are profile posts? Those seem to be only spam. I like old posts, and am confident that we can look at the date of...
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    what do you sit on?

    I like a drum stool. The coolest ones have a spring or hydraulics that let you bounce a bit. Roc-n-Soc Nitro is a cool one I've sat on they are pricey though, $200. Mine is less nice, but I'm tempted.
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    Anyone play nylon guitar over a steel string?

    I really like the thin feel of steel strings, so my nylon string just sits in a closet, sulking. Uke strings feel thin enough for me to enjoy or I'd be one of those people looking for steel string uke. (although I do play a mini electric guitar tuned A-a, so maybe I am that guy)
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    Beautiful David Hanson Sopranino

    Howdy, I sent you a PM. Thanks, Neil_o
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    36 vs 38mm Nut ?

    The whole point of this forum is unimportant questions and unimportant answers! My 2 cents: I wouldn't buy a uku with less than a 36mm nut. String spacing is a factor too, but I think there is a minimum for big fingered folks like me.
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    My main couch guitar doesn't have an endpin button, to protect the leather from getting poked.
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    Caution to UU people buying/selling on a WTB ad

    Hmm, I have felt every purchase using friends and family to be an exercise in trust.