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    New MB Up for Auction

    I haven’t been on the site in a while but I think this video is a wonderful tribute to Len. Congrats on whoever gets to take this ukulele home.
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    How is your Compass Rose ukulele holding up?

    I had a Compass Rose Koa Tenor in 2013 but sold it during a tough financial period. I told myself one day I would buy a Micro Jumbo Tenor that's shaped like Rick Turner's acoustic guitar. This model is featured on his website but they have not made a uke in a year and have no plans to do so in...
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    WTB Compass Rose Tenor Jumbo

    Please PM me if you have one you would like to move on. Thanks! Don
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    The uke I miss the most

    My Ukiyo Vita Ukulele made by Marc Schoenberger is the uke I miss the most. It is now owned by a Dusty Strings employee in Seattle who bought it before the general public had a chance. A smart man! This Vita uke was between a soprano and concert size and had the seal-shaped sound holes and was...
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    The real reason I'm selling my ukulele

    D-mace is selling a sweet 1950s Martin soprano because: He bought a new watch! What are your real reasons for selling? Here are some of my UU favorites: 1. Thinning the herd 2. Needs to be played more (but not by me) 3. Need the money to pay for another uke 4. Looking for a good home (I'm...
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    Back to D tuning on the soprano

    I was watching a video by the late, great Bob Brozman and he mentioned that before the late 90's, the standard soprano tuning was in D or A D F# B. So I just tried this on my vintage Martin and an already great sounding instrument just came to life. What a difference in the brightness of tone...
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    String through bridges

    Many fine builders like DeVine, Pohaku, Black Bear, and Moore Bettah use string through bridges on some or all of their ukuleles. For those players with this feature on your ukulele can you tell any difference in sound? Is it just as easy to string up as more traditional bridge systems...
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    Great experience with KinnardUkes order

    I prefer custom made instruments and have ordered several over the last three years. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Kinnard tenor and then changed it to a baritone instead. The same day I posted my inquiry on the KinnardUkes website, I got a call from Kevin Beddoe. I was interested but not...
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    What's the favorite in your stable?

    Luis Feu de Mesquita tenor with Alaskan Yellow Cedar over Quilted Maple. My wife's name is inlaid on the 12th fret and the uke is a blonde just like her.
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    Wave Sung Baritone by Jesse Berube

    I played a phenomenal baritone ukulele in Friday Harbor, WA this weekend. It's a cutaway with offset soundhole. Sitka Spruce top with Big Leaf Maple back and sides. Very full, rich, deep sound. I did not want to put it down! Made by luthier Jesse Berube and way under-priced at $1,100 for...
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    Ukiyo Vita Owners: Please post your pictures here

    After looking at this instrument online for over a year, I finally acquired it from DeForest Thornburgh at The Blue Guitar in San Diego this past March. The Ukiyo Ukuleles site is no longer up so I'm wondering if my #43 is the last one Marc Schoenberger made. I really hope not. If you have...
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    Shipping to Japan

    I have a buyer from Japan willing to the pay postage from Kansas, USA (the middle) for a concert-sized ukulele. The FedEx estimate was $750! If you ship to Japan regularly, please post some advice to get a more reasonable cost. Thanks
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    Ukulele Sweet Spot

    There seems to be a lot of ukulele collection downsizing going on recently and lots of amazing deals in the marketplace. I've downsized to two tenors by selling and giving away my other ukes. It feels quite liberating to have simplified my ukulele choices and my other instruments have found...
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    Nylon Strings

    I just put Kala SF (Single Filament) Red nylon strings (with a wound Low-G) on my MP Custom tenor and got the volume and resonance I was looking for. The strings are much thicker than I'm used to and the tension is surprisingly high but I like it. Any other tenor nylon string fans out there...
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    My wife looked at the evolution of my ukulele collection I had written out and asked, "What is this? Your ukeography?" She was comparing it to filmographies of actors that lists every movie they've been in. Anyone else keep a ukeography - a list of every ukulele you've ever owned? It would be...