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  • Congratulations! I love to see some photos of that beauty, and make sure you show the sides and back. I just love that spalted maple look, and each one is so unique!
    Have fun! I am waiting for a Kala Kiwi pineapple uke, coming slow UPS. It would be my first fully soprano uke. It was so fun and happy looking, I couldn't resist.
    Cheers, Lori
    "New Mexico" isn't my name...;) Glad to have you as a friend. What kind of music do you play?
    We weren't on a trip, we were working. We run a charter sailboat in the Virgin Islands. I'm hoping to do a video for YouTube with the Risa.
    Hey there! Yesterday we got back to St. Thomas and my Risa Soprano was waiting in the mail. Yay! Today I'll probably wear out my fingers. :D
    hmmm, hopefully. MGM usually ships same day. UPS to St. Louis from MGM took 5 days. I don't want to get your hopes up to high but tomorrow is a good bet. Dang UPS can run slow though. There is a uke minutes about homemade humidifiers and a thread about it. You want to get a hygrometer or two as well. I keep one in the room and one in the case. Spend the extra dough and get a digital hygrometer, they are more accurate.
    Thanks for the add! welcome to the UU, and i hope you have as much fun with your Kala as i did with my first uke!
    nope no ukulele yet LoL I hope tomorrow:)I got a kala super soprano Flame maple longneck which is a soprano with a concert neck I'm gonna post a vid of me opening it was a Birthday prez turned 31 on the 16th of may:)
    Hello New Mexico Daw G....what's ur name friend????
    hope u are allright!!!
    Saludos Mexicanos!!! (that's 'cause I live in Mexico)
    Hope to see u online soon!!!
    Thanks for the ad, Craig, was it? Hopefully the UPS guy will come soon. Shoot, hopefully he comes soon for me too. LOL. Enjoy the uke.
    I was in the college ghetto... around Coal and Yale, if I remember correctly. I miss the Frontier Restaurant and green chile...
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