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    I am Back muahahahahaha

    Computer took a crap I am back on again:D
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    Ben Harper-Waiting for you
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    Hola From New Mexico

    Everyone here is the best :)And Welcome newcomers to UU:D
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    Bob Marley Duppy Conqueror
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    Final of my original
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    NMD original:)

    NMD original:)Mainland Reggae:) :D
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    O.A.R Right on Time-Thank all of You at UU and YT:) maybe be my best yet I am really feeling the end I dunno made me think of all of You and how Being accepted here makes me feel overjoyed :D
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    Krabbers Original:)

    Krabbers Original:) :D
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    REd Red Wine_UB40 :D
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    uh oh UAS is kicking in LoL I need a 12 step

    So I was browsing the net this morn guess what I need LoL want..... think I have addiction LoL maybe I need to be talked down mailman was right wifey says I get the couch if I buy something else this soon LOL:drool:
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    Jamming Bob Marley TY UU for showing me the beauty of the Ukulele One Love NewMexicoDawG Thanks Mike and Tookta you guys are...
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    Hola From New Mexico Some baby pics
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    Hola From New Mexico Just got my mainland:) Just got My Mainland figured I would post a vid Yeah I know nothing new but I am learning five new chords tonite thats the plan:) TY UU for showing me the beauty of the ukulele And also TY u Mike at mainland ukulele for such a Beautiful Ukulele...
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    AnYone form Albuquerque NEw Mexico?

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    omg omg my mainland is heeerrrree:)

    YeeeeHawwww Ordered my Tenor mainland today:) I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooo cant wait till she gets here:) Ty UU for showing me the beauty of the Ukulele One Love NewMexicoDawG:cheers: Coming...