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  • Aloha Nickie,
    Your Pm box is filled....Happy Birthday Girl] ....
    Hi Nickie,
    You put that icky person out of your mind. Shrink her in your mind to the size of a silent ant and flick her away!

    I'm paralyzed by performance anxiety. In the presence of anyone but my husband, I forget where many chords and don't fret accurately. And my dear son mentioned to me that perhaps I should not sing so loud...yikes!
    Mim, I hope you got everything you wanted for Xmas. I did, and more... well, maybe some stuff I didn't want so much, too, but oh well... I am trying to be happy no matter what happens. I have a new saying "I don't mind what happens." Haven't mastered it yet, but I'm working on it!
    Oops, it put my other message twice... oopsie! Merry Christmas again!
    NICKIE! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for the visitor message! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
    Hi Nickie, sure thing. Any specific concerns at this time? If you have access to my MP3's you may get some ideas about new songs to challenge yourself with. Also my Old-Time Favorites and Hawaiian .pdfs may give you some new material to work on.

    Sorry about your loss, hope things look brighter for you in the days ahead!

    Keep uke'in',
    Hi Nickie, If you can find one of my posts a link to the Boot Camp should be below my signature.

    Unfortunately my work filters our internet activity and I cannot access to get the link to post in this reply.

    See Ukulele Beginners, page 2 I believe, for my posting about a Self Evaluation Test for Ukulele Proficiency. My signature and the links should be available there.

    Keep uke'in',
    Oh, and teh nice thing about this forum is nobody is going to ridicule you as a real rube. Now, if any fake rubes show up, them we might ridicule. LOL
    Hi Nickie,

    Slack key refers to an alternate guitar tuning. It's called "slack key" because some of the strings are tuned down and thus the tension becomes "slack." The term is used different ways but most often to refer to a particular guitar tuning (and I'm not sure exactly what the tuning is) that was/is popular in Hawaiian music.

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