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  • Hello, returning from long hiatus and started your music theory and am curious about your avatar. Can you explain it, it looks kind of cool? Thanks
    Hey, I really like your Ukulele Theory for Noobs. My only suggestion is flip how you describe strings.
    Instead of
    1st string= A
    2nd string= E
    3rd string= C
    4th string= G
    do this
    4th string= G
    3rd string= C
    2nd string= E
    1st string= A
    I know being really new and a visual learner that threw me off a lot.
    Thank You for your beginner theory lessons!! I've never really thought about the notes that make up the chord before, am already familiar with the moveable chord shapes and how to change them etc , but this is so helpful with what I want to know next..thank you :D
    Just another person thanking you for your rad post "ukulele theory for noobs" it's not the advanced level of the information shared it's the clear communication of the knowledge that makes it such a wonderful post. Bet ya know a bunch stuff bout ta bunch'o stuff MR. :)
    Anyways thanx man -cheers!
    Hey NukeDOC,

    I am new to the Uke and really wanted to know how it makes music.
    Thanks a lot for the tutorial (uke theory for noobs). You have made it so accessible even for a beginner.


    hey thanks for the awesome strap button tutorial. im just curious which company made your buttons? ( i want to go exactly by the video)
    Hello? Anyone here? I'm just wondering about the traveling ukuleles. Are we ever going to stop sending them and do something with them? just curious. How've you been? Obviously busy, but you're well?
    Not at all -- I thought the post was kind of funny. But they still should give you a discount or something. fame is just not enough! :) And to think that Grumpy C. volunteered!
    Hey Nuke Doc, keep the super power mod ring on ok? I think you do a super job. UU could at least give you guys a discount in the UU store.
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    OK. Thanks for this. I started a practice book, wrote the info, drew some tabs, and struggled to figure out the obvious and simple: that by fretting on the C 3rd string, I got C#, and continued fretting on that C string. I used my chromatic tuner to confirm I was on the correct line of reasoning. It is hard for my older brain to memorize (at almost 59 years of age), but I love the uke, and will stick to it! It is hard to remember that C# is also Db etc. Every day I work on it!
    Hey there, just wanted to apologize for using a bit of an off-color term in reference to bluke and his moody post. I guess used "butthead" as kind of a joke, but I totally understand why you took it down. So yeah, I'm sorry!
    Hey Nuke Doc -- Happy April Fool's Day. Hope you're having a good day.
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