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    Newest addition to the family

    Born Oct. 5th, 8lbs 21in
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    Nashville Uke society

    Went this week for the first time, was a lot of fun. Just wish it was more than only once a month. Well see you guys in 4 weeks =) If anyone knows any other meet ups around the nashville area, let me know.
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    Nashville anyone?

    Just moved out to Nashville TN. anyone else live out here? looking for a couple people that would like to get to gether like twice a month to play or join an existing group if there is one.
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    Long time no see

    Wow its been almost a year since Ive been on here. Moved twice, new job, and now a new city. Been slacking way off on my uke playing cause of it. I havent even been on youtube either. Im scared to see the you have 1billion new vids to watch. Just moved out to music city, Nashville TN . We have...
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    5 years

    Today my wife and I have been married 5 years. Wow hehe. Just like to share. So we just arrived on catalina island. Anyone live over here?
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    Omg omg omg

    Sitting here atm at island bazzar. Listening to james hill play a concert. Omg he is great. Very entertaining. He is no aldrine but hey no one is =)
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    new song

    just posted this up, was playing with my dad so we recorded it, i coudlnt edit it so first couple seconds are us messing up =)
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    Free Xbox (origonal not 360)

    not shipping so ya must be close and able to pick it up (live in mission viejo, ca) Origonal xbox couple games dvd controler cant find the accuall game controlrs. i know i have 1 someplace a lot of stuff was packed up. So when i find it i can let you know. As far as i know it works, we have...
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    Need some advice =)

    anything good i can buy with that =)
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    anyone live there? gonna be there sunday the 6th in the late after noon/evening. staying at one of the hotels if anyone wants to meet up and play some music for a bit. let me know
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    Civilization 4

    Anyone play? Friend just gave me one of his.
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    Aldrines strumming pattern from ceritos

    Is there a video tutorial for the strumming pattern he showed at his lesson in ceritos? It was Down up chuck up up down chuck up down. Or something like that. Tried to find it but I didn't. Thx
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    First uke just found pic

    Just found this picture at my parents house, taken about 27years ago,while they were cleaning out storage. Too bad he didnt keep me playing. aparently I ruined the ukes he had. But im glad he bought me my second uke 2 years ago =) my dad and I playing, and my older brother laying there
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    Was wondering if anyone had the seasons 1-6 on dvd that i could borrow. I like the show and seen a lot of episodes but want to start from the beginning in order. Or buy them for cheap =) thx justin
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    Anything going on in so. Cal

    I know there is the uke festival in oct that I'm going too. Any other get togethers happening that someone here is putting together? Or anyone want to get somerthing together just to play?