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    Listen and Enjoy! Jake+Jack=Perfection

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    For Sale: Lanikai SM-T Spalted Mango <SOLD>

    Hey guys, so I have some bad news (for me) I have run into an emergency where I cracked the screen on my smartphone that I use to monitor servers at work, and now have to buy a replacement at full retail price (costing me over 500 dollars). Due to bills and other expenses (the great situations...
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    Muscle memory?

    Hey guys, so I know the answer to this is probably "wait until your muscle memory catches up", or just practicing more. But, I am having a hard time switching between particular chords in songs (where there is a long pause) in particular I have a hard time going from C to G (this might not seem...
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    It has arrived, here are the photos!!

    Lanikai SM-T Spalted Mango
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    Finger Nails

    Hey guys, so I realized I really hate keeping my finger nail(s) long, it just really bothers me! Is there any way to work around this? I'm assuming you cannot use guitar picks so I'm open to everything and anything really.
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    New Uke Day Tommorow! (Lanikai SM-T Solid Mango)

    The glorious day has me anxiously waiting for my new uke tomorrow. After my Fonder Nohea, I hope this time I will finally be satisfied. I'll take some photos as soon as it comes in for you guys.. Quick question: what exactly do you look for to determine how well a setup was performed? Specific...
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    Anyone ever use one of these? Do they work? Do they fit in a uke? Its really a simple concept but I can't see how effective it is.
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    Hey guys sorry for the double post I mistakenly put it in the wrong section! Anyone have any input on this Lanikai? I'm looking to pull the trigger, and return my Fender Nohea!
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    Opinions Please? Anyone have any input on this Lanikai SM-T? Looking to pull the trigger!
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    Not Satisfied!!

    So I recieved my Fender Nohea about 10 days ago and at first I was a little boy on christmas tearing up that UPS box to open my beautiful uke. It sounded amazing to me..I'm sitting here now playing it and I must say I am not FULLY satisfied. I feel as if the tone is dull and or getting duller...
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    Fat fingers?

    Is it just me or are my fingers too fat to play a simple D chord?? they just don't fit within the fret! and I know something does not sound right I have a fender tenor.. Any suggestions?
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    Night Time Uke Playin'

    Hey guys, so I realized most of my free time during the week is after 9-10PM where most of my neighbors and family are getting ready to sleep, so how in the world do I play my uke without the noise!!? I'm thinking there must be some type of silencers like they make for trumpets and violins...
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    Since I got my first uke today I was wondering if I should get the warranty offered by the big boy guitar shops..they are offering 2 years accidental damage covered for a very cheap price. I take care of my stuff really well, I was just wondering if I should get it as far as deects and hardware...
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    Another First Song Thread...

    Anyone know of possibly the easiest beginner songs to play with only a couple chords?? This is my first instrument and I just got the Fender Nohea today so I want to jump on in! Videos would be nice :)