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  • Happy Birthday and Happy Strummings...hope you have a wonderful day...yes yes remember you tabs you posted quite a long time ago....loved them...
    post more..
    Awesome for the new job position! Happy For you!! I try to keep up with you on FB as much as I can, however the new newsfeed doesn't make it easy.
    How's married life?
    I saw your guitar photos on FB -traitor! :) Just kidding really.. what else are you playing? doing ok here. I visit the forums, just don't get to play as much as I would like these days.. Take care and thanks for stopping by to say hi!!
    HEY! How was it. Saw a few wedding photos on FB.. Hope you will post more soon! Congrats to you! How was the cruise!
    Big HUGE sigh!! So sorry, sounds like my luck!!! Boo!
    I am sitting here working from Fretboard Roadmaps! ha.. My kids elementary teacher showed me a little about th circle of 5ths on her keyboard at school! She's awesome!

    Can't wait for your big debut of your new uke, and finally a video.. send it to me privately!! I showed you mine!! Ha ha!!
    Happy Holidays to you!!! I am sure that you are exhausted and ready for a few days off!! yeah for you!!
    Funny.. I only had my uke two days... Found the forum to try and figure out why my Ukulele sounded so horrid. Well the uke was tuned standard tuning and the book was for D tuning.. thanks music shop... disaster... At least I can tune my uke now. I went to a different music shop for help!
    Hey, now that sounds like a pretty good birthday!!!!!
    Thanks for the friend request.. What is that you are playing with.. is it one of those weird ball things they have advertised on TV?
    Sorry I won't be able to make it on the 25th, I'll be flying somewhere between here and Chicago. But thanks for the invite, and please let me know when they're happening in the future
    Thanks - turns out I actually have them (on the Ian Chadwick DVD) - I just didn't know it since I hadn't gone through all of the folders yet.
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