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    zero fret question

    I did some work on a fellow member/friends uke. I changed the neck angle by slipping the back to get the action down. That worked out ok but the neck has a bit of a hump in the 3rd to 6th fret area and now the buzz is noticeable with the action set at a reasonable height. This uke has a zero...
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    Doweled neck removal for reset or slip the back

    A fellow UU'er asked me to try and address a high action problem (5/32" at the 12th) on a uke he bought a while ago. No maker label. It was made by a fellow up in Alaska. Pretty good quality woods and workmanship. Shaving the bridge or making a new thinner bridge is not really going to do...
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    UWC V Photos!

    Only one I saw was a two parter..
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    UWC 2012 Pics

    For all of you that don't use facebook, I am posting some pics of UWC. These are pretty weak compared to some I have seen from Jill Warvel and Seeso. Maybe they will put some of theirs on a public site and link them off this thread too...
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    Sharpening a tapered reamer

    Wondered if anyone had some tips on sharpening a tapered reamer. I have a Cello size one that I have not had much use for until recently and it is too dull to work with. I understand they are quite a bit of money to sharpen. This one is a two flute style. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    15% off on Cases and bags from Elderly.

    Just got this via email this morning in "case" anyone is interested. 15% off instock cases and gigbags from Elderly. No affiliation with elderly.
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    A Moore Bettah Christmas than last year

    It has been a wonderful year hanging out with all of you. UWC, UITW, Milwaukee and many get togethers. Have a great Christmas and New Years. All the best. A little Charles Brown tune for you. Please Come Home for Christmas.
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    New Uke day, but a day late. Moore Bettah.

    A bit of drama getting it but it all worked out. It is as expected a beauty in every detail. Slideshow link.
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    Allen at Cairns Uke Fest 2011

    Probably old news to most, but in case it is not. at 6:27 in, a little bit of Allen of Barron River Guitars and ukes.
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    Used Performax 16-32

    Didn't want to hijack my own thread about thicknessing nuts and saddles. Is there anything in particular to watch out for in buy a used Performax 16-32? Are there some older 16-32s to stay away from (ie design changes that were a definite improvement?) Previous threads seem to indicate it...
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    Thicknessing Saddles and Nuts (and other small pieces)

    Way back when I worked in a shop we had a little ramp contraption that was mounted under the bottom roller of a vertical belt sander that we used to thickness saddles and nuts, bracing material and make the curved ears on Martin style bridges. I don't have a vertical belt sander anymore and...
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    Elderly String Sale

    Just got an email from elderly. They have another 20% deal on strings. wouldn't you know that I stocked up literally last week from them. Bastids!
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    New Boatpaddle tenor prototype at UWC

    Jerry from Boat Paddle Ukes visited UWC on Sat. While he was visiting with the David and Thom of the Flea Bitten Dogs, I got a chance to play one of serveral prototypes he had brought along. He had a 4 string concert, tenor and a 5 string tenor. What makes them unique is that the neck and...
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    Preparing for UWC

    Given the scientific precedent for "state dependent learning" I have decided that I will only practice playing the uke until after I am totally inebriated so that in June I will be playing at my peak at the optimal time. I think that maybe how the senior CHUG members got to where they are...
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    KoAloha Customer Care.. Amazing.

    I had a problem with a 2008 Pikake Concert and even though I was the second owner they stood behind their product 100% and resolved the issue way beyond my expectations. Thanks to Brian in customer service for fairly evaluating the problem and quickly getting it resolved. Truly an amazing...