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  • G'day Olivah...
    Was a lot of fun!
    Come down to Australia and I'll feed you some properly cooked kangaroo!
    And we'll find a decent restaurant :D
    I take photos, but I don't think I could be called a photographer next to a professional like you.
    No doubt we will run into each other around the forums.
    Have fun!
    Salut Olivah
    I really like The La's and I will definitely check if I can play 'There She Goes'. Thanks for reminding me how great that band is!
    Cheers ...sebi
    Hi Olivah,
    Lets see...I've been to Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Lucerne, Montreaux & (my favorite) Zermatt.
    I hope to get back some day!
    Hi Olivah! I see you are in Switzerland! What town do you live in? I have visited Switzerland three times...my most favorite country in Europe!!
    YAY ändlech en andere ukulele player usder schwiz ^_^ est-ce que tu parle français ou schwizerdütsch? gruess us solothurn!
    Thanks Olivah, I have most on CD. I've just ordered Yousou Ndour Egypt on Amazon.
    Have you heard Ry Cooder playing along with Ali Farka Toure on the Talking Timbuktou Album?
    Best wishes from North Wales
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