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    Rebel Particle #12

    How's this:
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    Rebel Particle #12

    My Particle is spending way too much time in its case. I'm considering passing it on to someone who will play it. I don't have pics yet, but it's in perfect condition, complete with hard case and humidifier. Pics to follow $1600
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Then there's the Rebel Particle :drool::drool:
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    NUD Rebel Particle

    Got my brand new Rebel Particle #12 from HMS. The currency exchange was painful, but I got crazy and just had to have it. It's even more gorgeous in the flesh and plays like a dream. Worked with Corey on the sale. He was very helpful. I thought they had a few more for sale but no sign of...
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    The Rebel

    I've been impressed with the sound of "The Rebel" ukes. I would like to get a tenor if I could find one at a good price. (a good price being south of $1000, depending on the ukulele :))
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    Uke lust

    What's a guy to do???
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    NUD Koaloha Opio

    I've had my Opio for about a week now and it reminds my of my first new car. It was a 1970 Datsun 510 sedan, which after my 66 MGB, and 1959 Sprite, was visually a bit of a let down. It was red and kinda perky looking, but had rubber mats and a radio but was definitely anything but sporty. I...
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    smoothing out rough satin finish . sorry double post

    oops sorry..double post
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    smoothing out rough satin finish

    I have a nice satin finish that is just a touch rough. Not quite orange peel, but not the silky feel that a good satin gives. I'm thinking of rubbing it down with a fine steel wool. But thought I'd ask for advice on ways to deal with it before blundering on with a process that may d more harm...
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    Cordoba 24B baritone

    Cordoba 24B baritone in excellent condition. I had it up for sale a while ago, but decided to keep it. However it just isn't getting played. Comes with a soft Cordoba gig bag. $200 OBO
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    WTB Koaloha Opio, or Koaloha

    Looking for a good deal on a Koaloha or Opio tenor.
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    FS Pono Macassar Ebony Cedar Pro Classic

    Pono ETSH PCC Macassar Ebony Cedar top Pro Classic series in perfect condition. No scratches or marks. Worth Brown Low G, but I have the high G string as well. Sweet sound, great intonation all the way up the neck. A very serious instrument, a pleasure to play and beautiful to look at. I hate...
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    Cordoba 24B bari

    I have a beautiful Cordoba 24B baritone available It is in perfect condition and comes with a gig bag $200 +shipping
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    WTB Kanilea K-1 tenor

    Looking for a Kanilea K 1 tenor at a reasonable price
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    Demo tune by Corey (?)

    On the Uke Site I think it's Corey demoing a Pono MTD-CR with a very pretty tune that I almost recognize but can't quite place it. I'd love to learn it. Any ideas?