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    Flying Ukes

    What is the largest size of uke that is allowed to be taken onto an aircraft as hand luggage in a soft case? Does it substantially vary with different operators or in different countries? Please bear in mind that UU viewers are worldwide.
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    Has anyone got a Chase digital piano and if so what is your opinion of it?

    What is your opinion of the Chase marque in general, of their digital pianos and specifically of their Chase P-40 or P-45, P-50, P-55, P-60, P-65 models?
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    Ortega K1 Sopranino Scroll down to 'New Products Only'. I refer to the K1 range. "As the sopranino size is quite smaller in scale than a soprano we recommend to use A D F# B (our standard ) or D G E A tuning. This helps to bring the...
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    Request For Change Of Display Name

    Please could any of the appropriate people arrange that my display name be changed from '_Ukeless_' to 'Orton Pearson'?
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    Can a keyboard amp such as this ......

    Can a keyboard amp such as this cope with practice / small gigs using a uke (Soprano/Concert/Tenor), a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar etc either singly or with any degree of...
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    Disgruntled supporters after woeful performances

    What have you heard or read from disgruntled supporters or managers / coaches after a terrible really inept defeat, a poor game or a poor performance, any sport? An example occurred today on the Swindon Town Football Club Supporters Forum following a 0 - 4 home defeat. This is part of a 'heated...
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    Boris evens, all the others each 20/1 against

    Now I can't say fairer than that. I would be robbing myself. Honest Will, the punter's friend
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    No Naughty Word Inhibitor On Here

    There is no swear word inhibitor on here, you know, the sort of mechanism that replaces a naughty word with '****'. Well I suppose that makes sense. After all, nobody with a ukulele has anything to swear about. Swearing is no fun when it can be done easily. It is only fun when it is done by...
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    United Kingdom and European Union

    Next time Theresa May sees Michel Barnier she should take a European Union flag on a pole. When Barnier sees this he will take it as a good sign. "So, Theresa are you going to sign the deal?". At that point she should hold the pole at the flag end and thrust the other end up his arse.
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    Fermi Paradox

    The so called Fermi Paradox is neither a paradox nor is it or was it Fermi's. But given that slight critique of it, has anyone got anything to contribute to the ongoing simmering worldwide debate on the topic?
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    Practice amps which can be performance amps at a very small venue

    I am thinking about maybe in a month or two getting a practice amp but one of sufficient wattage to use in future (maybe a year) in a circumstance where somebody says "There's a band on at the [very small] pub next Thursday, let's arrange to feed their ego with you 'opening' for them with a...
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    Best ukulele absolute beginners book assuming no music knowledge and is for morons?

    Which is the best ukulele absolute beginners book assuming no music knowledge and is for morons? Furthermore, it should be entirely a tuition book, not the sort that has a quarter of its content covering the history of the ukulele and the stories of famous players. I could use such a book.
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    How do you achieve a display name change on here?

    How do you achieve a display name change on here? The user himself / herself cannot do it. I have emailed Admin giving details of old and new names and sent a personal message to 8 moderators but there has been no response. There is a thread on here which deals with this question. It advises...
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    What do you do when one string breaks or is damaged?

    What do you do when one string breaks or is damaged? Do you replace just that one string or do you replace all four such that they will all be equally 'played in'?
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    Plectrum / Pick etc

    I am a Carlisle United supporter and thus my fingernails are of negligible size. I have heard that some well known players of stringed instruments use a small coin or fashion a plectrum / pick from an old plastic card etc. What type of orthodox plectrum / pick do you use or what do you use as...