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    Season 518 - Eire

    I thought someone would have covered this one, "Dublin In The Rare Old Times" by Pete St John (born Peter Mooney), he is best known for "Fields of Atherny" Written in the 70's, its quite a long song
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    Season 518 - Eire

    Hope this one is OK, I know originally Aragon Mill, but The Fureys did cover it and changed name to Belfast Mill.
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    Season 517: Wind

    There was a bit of discussion early on about "The Wind They Call Mariah" I thought someone may have had a go by now. Anyway here is my take. I was pleased I managed to do it without looking at chords or words, although I will admit it took a few takes.
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    SOTU 516, Tell me what you really want. I just wanted to play my favourite tune! I think the best version I have heard was a live one by Indigo Girls. I wanted to play this through without looking at words, after about 30 goes almost! I stuffed the outro, anyway no more time to get right:-( The...
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    Season 514 - Seasonal Songs

    Here is a Cycling Xmas tune! I "wrote" this a few years ago to play at our Cycling Xmas parties, now bring it out each year if I got to a cycling Xmas event. Ripped off tune off Jingle Bells
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    Season 511 It's Essential!

    I found it hard to think of a song, eventually remembered this one, "My Old Mans a Dustman" Lonny Donnegan In case you don't know a "dustman" is a garbage/rubbish/ collector employed to collect your weekly household waste.
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    Hi Griff? You did real well with your water theme last week, and I indicated I would also...

    Hi Griff? You did real well with your water theme last week, and I indicated I would also support you. So today I have donated AU$100 to WaterAid in the name of my daughter Antonia. Its great when we can put our love of ukulele to support worthwhile causes, all the best cheers Paul
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    Season 509 - ‘Water, water everywhere…’

    I am inspired by this weeks challenge, and especially Griffs pledge to donate to Water Aid, so I am also going kick in a few dollars to Water Aid Australia. I was beaten to the punch for first song "Have You Ever Seen The Rain", so found a simple version of "Who'll Stop The Rain" I wonder did...
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    Season 509 - ‘Water, water everywhere…’

    Hi I was a bit slow and JT? already put this up, and it is a great version, this on banjolele a bit different. Have You Ever Seen The Rain,
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    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Ha! I misread the theme and thought it was about songs that were about or led to domestic violence :unsure: No as I went to upload I see it is maybe more about hope and positive stuff. Anyway I will still post this one. The song "Girls In Our Town" was written by Bob Hudson back in 1974 and I...
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    Gee some great posts for this week! The best I can come up with is a cover of "Fields of Gold" with the mention of barley. Oh well que sera sera :)
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    Season #502 - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma!

    Hi Everyone and what a great topic. Here is a song based on "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" by Pete Seeger. I was involved with a group that was protesting against a proposed coal mine that could have endangered part Sydney's drinking water supply. It doesn't happen often, but I got inspired...
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    500! The Songs of Ukulele Underground

    Hi there, I would like to submit a tune for this Season, Ventura Highway by America. I originally saw the Ukulele Underground tutorial a couple of years ago as it is one of my favourite songs. It took many, many attempts to get some semblance :unsure: The tune brings back memories of a trip I...