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  • It was a charming film. Didn't pack the house, but drew a good crowd. And one has the impression that there's a lot of footage they didn't use — editing down to 75 minutes must've been painful — so the DVD is probably going to be extra-nice. However, from the site's Buy It / Coming Soon link, it appears not to be available for purchase yet. More waiting for you :/
    Say, are you aware that A Mighty Uke is going to be playing tonight at 7 at the NW Film Center? I've just found out about it at the last minute myself.

    I searched but didn't see any mention of it, and, absent a Portland Group, didn't know where to post such a thing.

    Howdy, from another Portlander :)
    My sister and niece are planning on moving out to Portland in May this year! They have SO had it with Florida! Anyway, a late welcome to Ukulele Underground. :)
    Hey! We are quite limited here but have a better uke community than some towns :)

    I bought my Lanikai 21 Tenor last year for $100 at Portland Music Co. on NE Broadway. I'm really happy with my Lanikai and they were very very nice. I'm actually going in there today to see what they've got for sopranos.

    Also, Apple Music downtown has a few. The acoustic guy that works there is GREAT! He's a total hippie, great guitar player and super down to earth. They don't have a huge selection either but a few and a great place to strum a few for fun.

    I'm trying to stay away from the plastics though the flea/flukes do sound nice. Plastic just rubs me wrong. I'll let you know if I find anything today.
    I totally realize MGM is highly reputed and delivers the ukes completely set up which is comforting.

    I've got it narrowed down to four options on his ebay and am waiting for a recommendation reply from him.

    Hey there, just wondering if you got that antique store uke?
    Hi! I'd have to see photos of the Harmony to get a better idea. Send me a link if you can post some. I own an Ohana sopranino and used to own the long-necked soprano. Love them both. I gave my long neck to someone who was interested in learning to play. I like the look of the pineapples. Let me know what you do.

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