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  • Hi :),

    Thank you for visiting. I am Abhash from Bangalore, India.
    I picked this god of an instrument when i was suffering for depression because of business losses and it was the strength that pulled me through. I started learning and meeting people and travelled to places when i can play in nature. I already played the guitar for over 12 years now (and i love singing as well https://youtu.be/jdDtlNTFN0U), so figuring it out was not tough, just the note difference. It made me move forward from the petty losses and concentrate more on life and the beauty of nature. I held my first ukulele in 2014 and now I don't leave home without it. :D (Soprano of course).

    Best ukuleles available online and connect ukulele lovers. I want t best ukuleles online India, and give fellow players lessons on ukulele hindi songs as there are not much ukers here. I love to share and i'd love collaboration ukulele videos.

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