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  • It happens... so it is best to make sure the dealer is not a drop-shipper and quality controls everything. I try to let everyone know about any blems a uke has before it is sent out. You are not wrong to be picky. I will let you know before I list any tenors and also, I can get concerts in sooner I think. Let me know and if you are interested I can order a couple concerts in and I will send you the prettiest one :)
    Hahaha! EVERYONE missed that one!!! I had like 3 e-mails of people saying "WAIT! I wanted one!" I dont know when I will get mor ein, but I will let you know. Truth is, I have 2, but they buzz. I think they just need new strings, but I am picky about having them right before sending them out. If I get them right I will let you know. You are 2nd in line. Then I should also have more in about a month!
    Hi - How are you. Finally uploaded a few uke pics. Hope you like. I'm in the process of making a mango and koa tenor uke.
    Well shoot! That's okay, we'll figure something out...except im outta town next weekend =( when do you get back?

    Yeah I saw a poster for the seattle center one at this hawaiian food place...u goin?
    Yes he filled me in a little. I feel kinda weird just contacting random people but I really love music and sounds like everyone here does too. Do you go play with SUPA or WASSUP? I have a some friends who play uke...alotta them are in football camp right now for UW and one of my really good friends just moved to Hawaii =/...BUT my friend Robert wanted to get together to jam. Let me reiterate, I am totally a fact, I'm far more experienced with piano but at least I have a music base yeah? haha anyways, maybe we could all set something up? He wanted to do something this weekend but if that's not gonna work for you all, we'll try to coordinate something with you guys another time. Lemme know!
    Okayyy a little random here...hello there pebbleInDaPacific! My name is Maggie and I just recently bought an uke for my brother's bday, only to somewhat adopt it myself =) So I've been just trying to teach myself simple chords and whatnot...definitely a beginner. I was browsing this website and saw you were from Kent, as am I! Thought I would drop you a line to see if you had any insight on local lessons, workshops, or jam sessions that I might be able to enjoy. Just let me know when you can! Thanks!
    Yeah she is beautiful and man does she sing sweetly. She's my pride and joy. I bought it over the internet and phone from KoAloha. Pat was so nice to deal with over the phone and email. She said the guys at the shop couldn't believe she was selling it because she liked to look at it so much.
    Someday I hope to tour the factory. We shall see.
    You don't have to buy or give anyone anything. Just be nice to someone who needs it.
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