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    Open up your heart and let the sunshine in :-)

    I've always loved this song. I first heard it by Frente!, and then by Kitty Wells...
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    Yellow Bird :-)

    My 2 month old nephew (my first baby relative!) is getting very interested in music. Unfortunately, he lives halfway across the country and my sister... well... she's not really the singing type ;-). So I'm recording a song a day... Here's the first!
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    What Are You Doing New Year's Eve???

    Hey guys! I was stuck at work (for 5 hours!) waiting for the cable guy (who never showed up!!), so I recorded this... 'What are You Doing New Year's Eve". By Frank Loessner... Although I was inspired by Zooey DeSchanel and Ella Fitzgerald :-)
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    Low Down Man (Squirrel Nut Zippers cover)

    Hey guys! I've been slacking on my uke playing, but picked one back up the other day to learn and record this ... "Low Down Man"
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    cool tattoo got me wondering if any of you have a ukulele for your tattoos

    Here's mine healed! :-). Ukulele tattoos are the best!
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    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    Here it is finished and healed and all that jazz :-). I love it!! . It took something like 38 hours total...
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    Top popped off my kamaka!

    Ugh... You guys are swaying me to send it to kamaka!!! Dang it! Here's a pic of the top / cut fretboard... Good sleuthing, btw! You guys always come through!!
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    Top popped off my kamaka!

    So I was reclining in bed strumming my gold label soprano kamaka ( the sound is/was amazing!) when my phone unexpectedly rang, causing me to fumble in surprise and the uke to drop to the hardwood floor.... I leaned over the side of the bed to pick it up when to my horror, I noticed that the top...
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    Reindeers are Better Than People cover (from 'Frozen')

    I shared this on the Seasons... Some people are haters, but I absolutely love 'Frozen' :-). This is my version of 'Reindeers are Better Than People' :-)
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    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    It's basically finished now, we have another session planned to brighten up the yellows, touch up and also add a bit of blue sky :-)
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    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    Updated pic! 1 or 2 sessions left!! It's really coming together!
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    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    Thanks for the string ideas!! We did another session yesterday... 6 or so hours :-). He'll be doing more layering of the green summer part next week and working on the fall colors! . I love how it's coming along :-)
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    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    Had a 7 hour session on Thursday, and I'm still sore, lol! Next time we'll finish the branches and start on the colorful foliage! Thanks for all of your support :-) I'm loving the progress! BTW, the truck is actually a lot darker than it looks in this picture. We were debating on the color...
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    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    Ok... 6.5 hours later and we got the outline done ! I absolutely love it! We will probably take 2 or. 3 more sessions to add color...
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    Do You Want to Know a Secret (Beatle's cover)

    Hey guys, I had lots of fun learning and actually memorizing this song this week for the Seasons! It's a good thing that the words just repeat 3 times :-). But my fingers had a bit of trouble getting the chord progression to sound smooth. I think that I managed it in the end fairly well!