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  • G'Day Pepamahina, Dogfence here, yes we do have bunnies and cane toads, camals donkies and horses emus and kangaroos. With all this there's hardly room to move. I found that playing the Ukulele brings the mice out and they play around to the music. I have a Keli'i Tenor which I'm having a MI'SI pick up installed into. I hope to be playing in my brothers bush band. They play for charity functions, churches, bush and barn dances. All a lot of fun. Anyway just catching up, I'm a bit slow at this forum thing, I've been meaning to get back sooner but things get in the way.
    Just been looking around this forum site and came across your visitors. I hope you don't mnd me pushing in, I don't mean to be so rude, I can be rude without meaning. I think the mouse is good! though we have a plague at the moment and can't get rid of the little things. They're all over the centre of Australia at the moment, could have something to do with the floods. I just posted a friend request, I'm still working out this forum thing, again I hope you don't mind my intrusion!
    I just noticed your point about me having 2 Kala Acacias. My Kala Tenor is the cheaper Mahog laminate version. However I am looking to upgrade it to the Tenor Acacia :D I saw Matt Dahlberg's review of it and it looks like a good tool. Nice slotted head - Yum!
    I got a Kala tenor too and the string spacing is the same although the wider frets makes some changes easier.

    Did you figure out that buzz on yours or just leaving it to Kala to fix?
    Thanks for checking out my site.
    So you have the same uke? If the neck width was slightly wider to get a little more string spacing I'd be even more happy with mine. I've been meaning to do a review on it for a while now.

    Wow sounds awesome! While I can arrange some inlay work, we're not doing fully custom ukes for now. In theory the blue would work––I know the bamboo will take stain, and I've seen blue stain––I just haven't tried it. You can burn into it (we're moving toward this for our logo), you can paint it. You can do basically anything you would do to wood.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Pepamahina,

    Thanks for the kind words about our bamboo ukuleles! We have plans for a much fuller line of ukes, but we're rolling them out a little at a time. We hadn't thought of coloring them (besides just darker). What type of customization did you have in mind?

    Ah maybe i doubted the little mouse's talents too much! So what made you decide that the ukulele is the one to learn? I find it a paradox of an instrument, like a popular niche if that makes sense? Great fun though! Yea I read in newscientist that sci funding didnt pick up as expected with obama either.. I think this whole 'financial crisis' has been a scapegoat more than anything else.. in our area local authorities get 30%(ish) relative cuts, but they are cutting 80%+ funding in some areas?!
    Hey, yea sure it would be a pleasure to be friends :) haha well I couldn't give up an offer of an unique uke like that.. you raised a good point tho and started a v. interesting debate! I see you are a fellow scientist.. I studied animal science (currently work in contracts at the moment tho! lack of jobs in the area, no one seems to appreciate the science sector..)
    oh and lol the mouse is friendly, but goes by the name of 'danger mouse' dont worry its all gusto ha, he is an old cartoon fav of mine as kid :) dont think he 'made it' in america tho!
    Hi Pepamahina,
    I'm very happy that you like my work.
    I'm going to place a "wanna play my ukulele" logo on stickers right now…

    I'll tell you as soon as work is down…

    Best Regards
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