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    What's your favorite 3 chords only song?

    My Uke group is trying to make beginners feel comfortable by having a special "3 chords only" meetup. Any suggestions out there for really good 3 chord or less songs? I'm looking for those songs that are very simple, but sound great and build confidence. Thanks guys.
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    Ponderosa Pine or Aspen for ukuleles?

    Dear Luthiers of UU- I am wondering if there is a reason why I never see ukes made from pine or aspen? The reason I ask is because the ponderosa and lodge pole pines forests of the Rocky Mountains are expected to soon be largely destroyed from New Mexico all the way to the Yukon because of...
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    Cool Pohaku "Steampunk" soprano by Peter Hurney available

    There's a new Pohaku available from Peter Hurney on his website. His custom list is a mile long so ukes just available for purchase on his website are few. This one is pretty cool! I can testify that his ukuleles sound as good as they look...
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    UPS has lost my Kamaka Keiki! Has UPS every lost your ukulele?

    Thanks, everyone, for rooting for me through this little saga! Here are the requested photos: This was really an impulse purchase. I saw it on eBay, and it was poorly listed, without "keiki" in the title, so it was under the radar of a lot of people that might have been interested. It was a...
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    Do you speak Hawaiian? Or know someone who does?

    Hi Guys- Do any of you guys speak Hawaiian, or know someone who does? I have a Hawaiian grammar question. My user name is "pepamahina", which are the words pepa (paper) and mahina (moon) in Hawaiian. My question is this - if you actually said this in Hawaiian would you say "pepa mahina" or...
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    UPS has lost my Kamaka Keiki! Has UPS every lost your ukulele?

    It was last seen in Maumee Ohio April was wearing a cute little vintage case and is probably hungry and scared...please if you have any information about my Keiki, please contact me....sniff (dabbing eyes). Here is a recent photo:
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    UPS has lost my Kamaka Keiki! Has UPS every lost your ukulele?

    I am sullen and cranky because UPS has lost the Kamaka Keiki that I just bought. They are looking for it, but after reading a lot of online stories about things being lost, particularly passports and valuable things (like guitars) I am getting pessimistic. I'm sure the seller will refund me...
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    To bling, or not to bling, that is the question:

    “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” -Coco Chanel Chuck is so right that what you remove from a design can be just as important as what you keep. Your uke is just like Coco's lady. I had a personal demonstration of that with my...
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    Anyone own an Ana'ole?

    I'm kind of enamored with this Ana'ole tenor for some reason. I keep playing the sound clip over and over. Does anyone out there own one of these? Do you love it, or no?
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    Calling on Kamaka Keiki owners, what strings do you like?

    I just picked up a Kamaka Keiki on eBay, and I want to have new strings ready to install when it arrives. If you have a preference for your Keiki, please let me know. This is my first mahogany instrument so I'm interested to hear what you like. Thanks everyone! Here's a link if you want to...
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    Fancy New Butterfly Custom Pohaku - by Peter Hurney

    Anything for you darlin': Oh, and it comes with a case: (kitty cat "Glenn" was not included)
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    Fancy New Butterfly Custom Pohaku - by Peter Hurney

    For those of you who might be interested in a custom ukulele, I'm posting these photos of a new custom Pohaku that I recently received from Peter Hurney in Berkeley, California. I chose Peter because he has a reputation for making truly wonderful sounding instruments, and because his creations...
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    How often do you change your strings?

    I realize that there may be some difference depending on how much/often you play an instrument. So just guesstimating, on a particular instrument that you play fairly regularly, how often do you change your strings. My kala acacia concert is suddenly sounding a little twangy. Thanks guys!
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    "Por Mi Camino" by the Iguanas?

    Any Iguanas fans out there? I can't find any chords for "Por mi camino". Great band, great song...can anybody help me out?
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    Keeping UAS in it's own forum section.

    I really think it would be a really great thing if UAS could have it's own forum section. UAS has it's downside: and I think it would be a meaningful nod to that reality. If all of the "guess what's...