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    Does Your Favorite Sounding Ukulele Have A Straight Grain?

    Have some nice old growth 1"X16"X6' redwood planks, I offered them to an experienced luthier, he said they would make a nice counter top, they were not quarter swan.
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    Staying is time in a Ukulele group

    I find that some people like to rush through songs often between verses, bridges and even between lines. even though they keep a beat
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    Your summer vacation...with ukes

    Don't remember what this one is or if I still have it, but the memory lingers on.
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    My journey through the world of tablets.

    Have used a Nook HD+ for many years. I made a stand and holder out of a picture frame and tripod that lost it's trey. The files are PDF that I transfer from my Mac using the charging attachment (USB on one end). It was inexpensive at the time and now used ones go for around $30 new at $100 Any...
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    SOLD: Martin Style 2 Soprano: Vintage Beauty!

    Absolutely agree with Ernie. If possible do a hand off and get the bonus of talking ukulele with him.
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    Building a String-Through Bridge

    I install bridge plates on most, Martins have that cross piece that is Mahogany so I don't, However when the bridge has been removed, I harden the hole with a drop of Supper Glue with a waxed wire inserted then removed when set. Caution test this technique first for wax effectiveness. I use an...
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    Uke Near-Scam Experience on Craigslist

    The buying scammers were the most troubling, They wound send by Fedex, a fat check that would turn out worthless and attempt to have someone pick it up. Thought the over payment was too good to be true and it was. I researched the check.
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    Building a String-Through Bridge

    I use or install a hardwood bridge plate, have a set of drills that will match the string size + a hair. if using the 1/16 drill use a fairly large bead. I have addressed a blown out slots on traditional bridges by drilling a hole through the slot for an easy fix.
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    Uke Near-Scam Experience on Craigslist

    I don't sell or buy on Craigslist anymore , too many scammers
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    It never occurred to me to hang the strap over the right shoulder! I tried it and it works except when I sit down the strap does slide off.
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    How has your playing changed?

    "notes are in the left hand, music is in the right". Never more true today. Not playing in a group these years has softened my strum, I'm using finger (upstroke) and thumb (downstroke) pads. Early on I got Uncle Charlie's Tutorial Video. He taught how to hold a ukulele first then how to strum...
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    ukulele with no bracing or kerfling

    1950s Gretsch Sopranos had no kerfing.
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    Flea bridge

    Be glad they changed the bridge design. I just repaired a blown out Fluke bridge. Screws damaged the sound board.
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    Restoring A 100 Year Old Aloha

    Warms my heart to see this ready for another 100 years
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    shipping cost

    I recently researched the cost of sipping a tenor case in a 12X12X36 box, at USPS,FedX and UPS the cost was far greater than the item. Is there a better reliable way?