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  • Hi Pete

    Yes, I'm coming and staying the weekend at the venue. I paid up a long time ago. Looking forward to meeting you and Tom and other makers. I want to see how my instruments compare soundwise with others. Apart from Ken Timms, Ive not met another maker.

    Have you advertised the event on the forum?


    Alan Milburn
    I've tried to contact you through your webpage the past two days but can't seem to get through. I've wanted to talk with you about one of your solid body tenors. I'm not certain if the webpage is down or whether the problem is at my end. Thanks Jack
    Hello Pete....This is the stuff I bought
    When it arrived I was a bit disapointed co's it wasnt the same as the picture on E-bay..I was expecting thicker stuff..this is thin and latex paper backed..but I try'd it anyway..and it's turned out ok, I've given it some heavy working use for a couple of hours (enough to trigger off the cut out button now and again) and it stood up ok...the rolls are 115mm wide (not 120mm as I stated in the thread near enough 4.5")
    the 10-20 sander loadings are 3" wide... so a strip 1.5" has to come off, this has to be approx double the length to fit the drum...also this stuff is great for hand sanding.
    By the way the e-mail address you gave me on the forum was duff
    Sorry Tim - having one of those weeks. It's $775 and you have a place. When I get some time on Thursday I am going to email all participants to let them know the schedule. I think I have enough takers for me to make the trip.

    I tried sending an email and a private message concerning info on the extreme build for June at Mainland. Thought I would try this avenue as well. Looking for availability, day(s), price and how to sign up.


    Tim Clark
    Sounds like it could be a plan. however the guy on the ground needs to have the chops to get it organised. Have you?
    Hey Pete,
    it will probably be awhile before I make it to Wales but if you wanted to come to Washington DC I can probably arrange a workshop here- the community center has a rocking woodshop. Just need the jigs and stuff. We have a Uke fest in the summer so it could coincide with that.
    Well steve that instrument must be very old stock! I used to supply about 6 stores in the US. I guess they must like my work but the made in the UK label puts US buyers off...

    Just thought I'd let you know we fondled one of your sweet ukes at "Dusty Springs" music store in Seattle, Washington. All the way from GB? How is it you got them to carry your instruments? They told my wife and I that there is a real feeding frenzy for all things ukulele going on there.
    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for all the videos, inspirational. I also enjoyed the moving the workshop vid, made me want to get back to my roots and visit Wales.
    Hi Pete, I have been watching your build videos and I just wanted to say thank you for going to all the effort of making them. Although I don't think I will ever make my own ukes, it is a pleasure to watch your work. Thanks Mate!

    Alright, that is cool with me. I'm so glad you don't just bend to my will and desire, just to make me happy. I would probably have one screwed up uke if I went with someone who did everything I have asked of you just so I could have what I wanted. That is why I like working with you.

    Are you going to be putting up pre-spray videos like you did with the acoustic tenors?
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