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  • i was in the first ever jam.. and i sucked lol i had only been playin for like 3 weeks.. it was awful lol the people in the jams have helped me alot and made me become a better musician :D so just keep it up man itll happen
    lol nah.. im not anything special.. i just practice alot .. ive only been playin for a short time
    well anyone can play any song ... doesnt mean its good lol and youd be suprised.. some ukes can :D
    lol nah its all the uke its not me .. lol when im on other ukes i sound like someone learning to play a violin
    nope no pick up in it.. the only uke i have with a pickup in it is my cigar box uke .. yea i love my kala :D its my go to uke
    Just read the post about your Grandpa. Sorry to hear it. He's in my thoughts and so are you. Hang in there.
    Hi Dustin,
    I wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    For bed space in a cabin. The two cabins that are rented are full. Henry is Making a witing list. If someone on the original list bows out, the wiat list people will get a chance. If enough people get on the waitlist, he'll see about renting another cabin, if possible. June in Indiana is way nicer weather-wise than Arizona!
    UWC is June 4 and 5. You can decide to come anytime before that. If you decide last minute, you'll probably have to camp. Did you get on Henry's wait list? One doesn't really need to all that good of an ukulele player to go to UWC. Trust me -- I don't play at that well and I'm going.:cool:
    Overall, I'm happy with the slotted headstock. To be honest, I like the look of the cedar's dark headstock the most, but the mahogany slotted is still nice, and gives it a little more flash. If i was offered a straight up trade for concert standard headstock, I'd probably stick with the slotted. I miss the binding, but the slots still grab plenty of attention. I've thought about putting a decal on it for even more flash.

    Next time I hop on a mini-jam I'll send you a pm, and hopefully you can see it in action, just don't judge it by my poor playing.
    I wish I would have seen this last night, I had it out for the mini-jam, and you could have heard a sound sample. Maybe next time I'm on you can listen in
    Yeah, I went with the slotted headstock, and I love the sound. If I had to be truly critical, I would say I wish the headstock had the binding too, but aesthetics aside it really sings. It was my first slotted headstock, and the tuners needed a bit of tightening to keep the strings from slipping, but now that that's in order it has been fine for me. I strung it with worth browns, and it has a very smooth tone, especially compared to my fluke concert with aquilas, and a lot more mellow than sound clips I've heard of the mainland cedars. If you like the look of it, I say go for it, because sound-wise it's great.
    The Mi-Si has a real true sound to it, some people say with a passive that you can loose highs and lows. We can install a pick-up in anything.
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