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  • They are good blades. Be careful and take care of them. I jammed a piece of ebony I was resawing and put a kink in the blade. I managed to straighten it out pretty well but it was never the same. The same blade I accidently cut some nails. I'm more careful with my new blade now.
    I haven't had a problem, but I do know he is on vacation til the end of the week. Gone fishing I believe. You should hear something on Monday I would think. If not e-mail him, the address is on his site. He will get back to you.

    Hey, I'm new... but I saw that you got your wood for your ukes(which look amazing!) from Hawaiian Hardwoods Direct. I ordered something from their site, and they haven't sent it and aren't answering my calls. I was just curious if you had a problem with them.


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