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    Georgia on my Mind - Duets for One

    Ha, snap, did the same a year ago, easily one of my favourites. Love the bits where you've expanded on the sheet music, I need to get better at that.
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    Which mid price would you go for?

    In your shoes I'd get one of the World of Ukes own brand ukes - there's a couple in the Special Offers section on the website last time I checked. They'll give you much more bang for your buck and more consistent quality than the ones you've listed - I've had one when Matt worked at Omega and it...
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    FS: Pono Big Baritone (UK)

    I'm going to be popping my big baritone on eBay in the next week or two but thought I'd give UU first refusal. It's the BN-1 model, so the "basics" version they did a small run of with the paddle headstock and satin finish. It's in flawless condition. It's a genuinely fantastic instrument, it's...
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    Wanted: Solid Spalted Mango Tenor

    Don't know if there are any Big Island ones floating around at the moment but I got a second hand one a few weeks ago. I'm very impressed with it, fantastic sound. Would buy again, would recommend!
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    Looking for Tenor Fluke Case

    Here's the fluke in a tenor TGI hard case. Fits pretty well, actually, I think I'll start using it!
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    Raining in Baltimore - Counting Crows - baritone instrumental

    Second time lucky on posting this in the correct place... The uke is a Pono baritone nui, all acacia. The piece is my own arrangement of the song. Hope you enjoy!
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    Raining in Baltimore - Counting Crows - baritone instrumental

    Nothing to see here Accidental post to wong board, if a mod sees this please remove!
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    Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful (baritone instrumental)

    First video ever so please be gentle! Recorded on phone so sound quality pretty garbage. My own arrangement, I did record a version that was the full length of the song but as it's just alternating A and B parts I thought it was a bit boring.
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    Marshall Stapleton 19" scale tenor FS - OPEN TO OFFERS

    Hi all, Last year I picked up what I thought was my absolute dream uke - a beautiful 19" tenor uke made by UK luthier Marshall Stapleton. Original SUS listing is here:
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    Returning to guitar - steel or nylon?

    Hi guitar playing UUers, I'm currently making a return to guitar after a long hiatus, it just suddenly began calling to me again. I've picked up a beaten up old steel string for cheap to get going again and am having fun (it doesn't look great, but the neck is true and the action nice). I'm...
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    Upgrade from friction pegs to Pegheds

    As some of you may have seen, I recently got a tenor Fluke:! It had the friction tuners which I didn't mind - I've quite liked them on sopranos and concerts I've had. In the end, they needed...
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    World of Ukes Clarity strings

    Last year I picked up a tenor set of the strings Matt at World of Ukes developed with Worth. They're clear fluorocarbon and he says they're optimised for finger picking (a claim I was dubious about - strings are strings, right?). I've finally played them for a month or so and, as there's not...
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    FS: Bonanza Flatlander Concert Uke - UK / EU

    Side markers for righties: Side markers for lefties:
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    FS: Bonanza Flatlander Concert Uke - UK / EU

    I'm embarking on a ruthless clear out - if it's not played weekly then it's not sticking around. Here we have a HPL Bonanza Flatlander concert scale uke (Bonanza #93, built September 2016). If you're not familiar with Bonanza, there's a lot of threads about them on the boards and Baz did a...
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    FS: Omega Klassiko Concert Prototype - UK / EU

    Closer of ding: Bubble in laminate: