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  • Hi Harry, just saw your nice post, had not noticed it earlier. I have come to learn that postings of tabs rarely get much reactions in the forum -- even the really stunning ones. So I guess I should not take it personally. I didn't think my dowland transcription was particularly stellar, it was just something I wanted to try out, and sharing it in the forum was a bonus. I was looking forward to some discussion on the transcription, since it was my first, and it would have been interesting to find out wheter people thought it could be improved somehow. But that was not to be, and maybe I expected too much. -- Even better to find out that people like you enjoy the tabs, so thanks again for letting me know.
    Hi Dada
    Please do not be disheartened by the slow response to your lovely arrangement of the Dowland song.
    I hope to see you post more soon.
    All best wishes
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