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  • Dang, I'm glad you finally replyed. I just told Mike tonight I thought you must be mad at tme cause you hadn't replyed yet. You looked tired on Sunday. I just keep on the pabst. You knew they use water from the fountain of youth in PBR didn't you? I'd like to be in contact w/ you more than once a year. Hope to hear from you soon. cheers, dpg
    Thanks much. I just posted a volume 2 to tabs and chords, check it out and let me know what you think.

    What's up bro, I thought I might have gotten a not from you. You doing ok? The last time I layed eyes on you you were pretty worn out. Trip to Chi-town treat you ok? Be cool man, hope to hear from you soon. dpgratz
    Hey Ben!! I've got myself on UU finally. Still don't know what to do on here, but I'm on anyhow!! Great to see you last weekend. Missin' ya!! dpg
    yo Ben! it was great seeing you again and glad you had a chance to jam at Ginley Gulch. see ya next time!
    I will never agree to those terms! From now on you are my B.U.F.F. (Best. Ukulele. Friend. Forever) and that's just the way it's going to be.
    Missed you on Saturday. I hope you can make it out to next months CHUG jam. It is on April 10 at Lisa's house.
    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You for having us over for the CHUG meeting part two.
    I wished you could have gone to the coffee house to see Danielle. It was a great night for me.

    The picture above is me on my forth birthday.

    I liked your Islander uke. Do you think it was considered a toy when it was made, being plastic and all? Maybe it was just your skill that made it sound good.
    Went by your Youtube page and subscribed. Also liked you and Shani with her dulcimer. See you at Welles Park.
    I'm happy to say that my honey is fine! Thanks again for helping me carry all my stuff! I'm sure I'll see you around.
    Ha! I tend to leave UU up on my computer at all hours - it's practically burned into my monitor! :) Expect a video by NOON tomorrow (all this 'free time' and I'm still busy!) Hey, is your girlfriend coming to the Congress? I'd love to meet her!
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