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    Steely Dan - Sun mountain, help please! :)

    I am trying to figure out the progression to this song: and am not doing a great job. Thanks!
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    Cornbread and Butterbeans (Uke and Fiddle) with Shani Fawni
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    Greenback Dollar - Kingston Trio cover.

    Playin the faithful Beeritone.
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    lil bit of Marvin Gaye - Too busy thinkin bout my baby

    Can't wait for UWC3!
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    I second that emotion.... :) Thanks for watching!
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    The Forest & The Sea (original) I met a dyin man on the shores of galilee... I took his withered hands as he said these words to me.
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    Blackbird Blackbird (A train song.)

    Written in the dining car of the Saluki train, following the tracks of the City of New Orleans.
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    The Tree Song (Hey bornagainjeeper, I finally recorded this!) (Original) Debuted this in it's final(ish) form Ukin In The Woods... Finally got around to recording it.
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    In the Midnight Hour - Wilson Pickett cover :)
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    I made a song!

    Thanks for watching :)
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    oooo, Collab with Little6ster! I heard it through the grapevine! (And on her channel)
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    Been thinking about the gulf..

    with that dang oil spill, so I recorded a song I wrote about spending summers down there. My grandparents have a farm in AL, and a house on Dauphin Island, which is getting/gonna get slammed with oil. My cousin just got Hazmat certified by BP to work on the clean up. Anyway...
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    You really got a hold on me, Earth day....
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    Summertime.... And the livin is easy... Lil Gershwin number, waiting for summer in Chicago....
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    Listened to my older videos this morning.... Ouch.

    Anyone else ever do this? I must have improved a lot because I can hear a bunch of flaws... It kind of makes me want to get rid of them (vanity) or redo them all (potentially constructive vanity) or just accept them as what they are (lazy? accepting? hurtful to others ears?) I don't know...