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    WTB: Laughlin 5k Soprano it's reduced...
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    Cherry necks, any good?

    Argapa Piccolo are all cherry - see Sven's building blog
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    NUD: Brüko soprano and Cort soprano

    Bruko - maple...
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    String Gauges?

    Worth fluoro strings are just a tad thicker for the A and G strings, for re-entrant High G Tenor [over sop and concert]. Isn't there something on Aquila website?
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    Last of the Days of Bling

    A Song for Moloka'i is about pride for the ancestral island. Bit incongruous that it is set to the tune of 'Tenting Tonight', the American Civil War song. Perhaps someone could give a rendition?
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    Living Waters tenor string length?

    After you do the diameter units conversion, the string sets for Worth CM and Living Water Sop/Concert are absolutely identical. So it would be good to hear if people are getting any better feel for either, in a direct comparison. As it is, the Tenor Worth set is giving three sop sets out of a...
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    Living Waters tenor string length?

    I'm intrigued about Living Waters as they are so well thought of, but I'm guessing they are just 100% fluorocarbon. Are there any reviews of how they are sourced/why they are different? I can see their diameters are well considered from the range i.e. they are very well considered/bespoke.
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    What’s the story behind this Kaai Ukulele?

    be interested to know what that weighs if anyone on here is still involved with it...
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    anyone using nylon (rather than fluoro) fishing line?

    That was a good thread, thanks. I keep coming back to thinking about these budget guys... which I've now got on two soprano ukuleles and they were completely unsuccessful on piccolo scale. They are enormous. C about 0.96mm. I'm wondering whether they are...
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    Echoes of Aloha (Mele) Strings

    with the benefit of hindsight, can you expand on what was different in the Echoes strings, Robin? They are rectified nylon as per GHS etc and seem to have a following with certain long term players. I'm just trying to find out why.
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    anyone using nylon (rather than fluoro) fishing line?

    Sorry - I see what you mean now. I can now see that Tynex is no longer used in the fishing industry, and Walkers (supplier in UK) costs are at a level where it's now "rare" niche stuff! This is the brush bristles supplier mentioned in other places. Now change has happened, it looks like the...
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    anyone using nylon (rather than fluoro) fishing line?

    Not sure that's correct. The density of nylon is far less and we have all gotten used to the narrower gauges of fluorocarbon now? But agree, re nylon leader. But no sense re-inventing unless the prior information comes out. This was on gotaukule thread on fishing line from 2016 "Hi Barry Steve...
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    Exploring 100 year old (your) ukes

    Windsor Mandolin No 4. Probably 1922? Someone had moved the pot round 90 degrees but the pot was warped there and the neck didn't fit, so I've just put it back to where it used to be and put a brass plate behind the two wood screws to hold it all a little better. I've got some cut down (halved)...
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    anyone using nylon (rather than fluoro) fishing line?

    which if the case, is a further simplication - two spools and restringing would be about 90 pence an instrument! For info, typical fluorocarbon weights have been 30, 50, 60, 40lbs.
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    anyone using nylon (rather than fluoro) fishing line?

    sounds like that would defeat the object of trying it in the first place!