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  • Aloha Josh,
    Glad I could help, let me know what you decide to do...A kamaka deserves
    it's right to glory and be brought back to it's original beauty....
    She's more a lynx point. Apple head, really amazingly soft and best of all toilet trained (as in she uses the toilet instead of a litterbox) Keiko is all around a pretty great cat.

    I've been here 20 years. There is a lot to like about it. (more so now that it's warming up) When were you around here? It's a small town, chances are we may have run into one another at one or another point....
    I love having the hardshell case. I took it to work twice and was able to play for some of the kids and staff inlcuding our Executive Director. She loved it. One staff member now wants to get a ukulele for her daughter.

    I'm telling you there's a reason that some folks with even high-end stuff love the Flea and the Fluke. As an aside, a big aside, I think the Flea has also sold me on the pineapple sound.

    Just checking in again to see you're (still loving) that Fluke. I'm considering getting one. The Flea: I can not put down.

    BTW, I recently got a PM from a UU forum member who said he loved his Flea as much as his Kamaka. He wasn't joking.

    I'm not comparing things purely based on tone, but I have played some Kamakas here and there, most recently a pineapple. My sense of both instruments is that they are "ON" if you know what I mean, connected to me, expressive almost transparent. Well, hope all is well. Steve
    Please let us know how the new fluke is and the spouse reaction. Mine finally returned to the questioning about the financial aspects of my new Ohana OOPS.
    you have no idea how often i hear that. my roommates call it a toy just to get under my skin. But when your in the right setting playing for people its great. kind of a novalty to the people here. i remember when I wasn't so great but played a song or two in the local Hawaiian resturants/bars, people loved it.
    well...great to see you here. im new too. maybe we'll see eachother round the city!
    eh bro! a fellow PDXer huh? nice!...dont find to much of us around here. im trying to spread the uke luv though. congrats on the Kala. and have a great time at your daughter performance. perfect song to play.
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