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  • Hauoli La hanau Greetings from Hawaii...Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends....and hope you got yourself a new birthday ukulele.... :)
    You didn't happen to buy Eugene's Black Bear Macadamia concert, did you? And if you did, is that one of the ones you'll be selling soon? And if it is -- dibs. :)
    Enjoying the mahogany Tom Guy. Great harmonics and overtones once I changed out and broke in new strings.
    These bluegrass ukes really do have a fairly unique sound, and one I am enjoying.
    Hi, I really like the cigar box. If the trade doesn't work out would you consider selling it instead of a trade?
    Ron Mack
    Max is alive and well, barking up a storm as usual. Thanks for checking in!
    man! i can never top off your very nice comments! Thanks so much Provines, made me laugh, and im not awesome this online community is and which makes all us, you know.. awesome! :cool:
    Mine was the one that I played while my daughter sang and we put up stick drawings on a small wooden easel. 1st house on the street, watch the clouds go by, brothers going to college....
    Hey hey, I'm a friendly gal! After all if *someone* didn't make the first move, how would people make friends at all, right? I'm cool with being the bold one. Hehe. Hey, I tend to be a bit 'odd' myself, at least that's what I'm told, so you're in good company. I love Calvin and Hobbes! I haven't read much, but what I did read I absolutely adore. Good stuff.
    Remind me, which viddy was yours? It's baffling me to try and match all the viddies to the UU users... I'm new here, but so far everyone I've met has been so very welcoming, so nice. :)
    hey thx for the comments buddy. I just watched your video, GREAT stuff. Your daughter has a great voice. Hers n brits are kinda similar I think. GL in the contest!
    Thanks for the postcard! Not much progress on the burned out studio- seems to be some construction going on outside at the back, but the inside is the same. Smelly and without utilities.
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