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    Starting up a ukulele club in a school

    Could you ask the school what company others in similar situations have used? And good for you starting a uke club - I did that for my kids school a few years back and it was a lot of fun and has continued on despite the fact that I'm no longer leading it.
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    Oahu Cases

    I have an Oahu case form my baritone uke - it is really nice. However, I did try to use it with my uke bass which is baritone uke sized. One of the great things about the Oahu is that it is very economical in the space it encloses, so while the uke bass was the same length and body dimension...
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    What is your traveler?

    Most of my ukes are good for travel - I've got a Flight travel uke, a Flea and a Blackbird Clara. The Flight just happens to be as well set up as any uke I've ever owned - and that is just down to chance - I've played other Flight ukes that weren't nearly as good. So the Flight often goes...
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    The ultimate banjo uke

    I'm looking at nylagut/flourocarbon strung banjo ukes. Although I've been thinking about taking my plectrum banjo, using chicago tuning (same as baritone uke tuning - DGBE) and putting a capo on the 5th fret. Should sound pretty good, but there is a certain lack of portability when you start...
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    Pono history

    I've been a pretty big fan of Oasis warms - although I didn't know about them when I had a Pono Tenor - maybe that would have helped me like that uke better. I know that Oasis warms make a huge difference on my Blackbird Clara, but sometimes you need the right strings for the right uke.
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    First Instrument?

    technically my first instrument was piano (it didn't take), but I started trumpet in 4th grade and was shortly switched to baritone horn because I lacked the lip to play high. I played that through college (although when I got serious about it I had a very good high range). But as you noted...
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    Ditto on the Deering Banjolele - just didn't connect with it although it is objectively a very pleasant sounding and playing instrument. I think for me the idea is to keep no more than one uke for each musical "niche" that I play on any regular basis. So for instance when I had a resonator...
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    Selling the least played ones is where I'm heading - advertising all would run the risk of losing specific functionality. Starting with least played would put the Godin, the Flea and the Pono on the bubble. With respect to functionality, the flea is the one where its functional use as a...
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    I like the way you're thinking, and my wife is actually pretty understanding, but the stack in my living room is starting to get ridiculous. Plus, I need a few more dollars to replenish my personal mad money since I just ordered a banjo.
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    I can highly recommend a Clara - the dynamic range available is off the charts, the tone is excellent, and it is great for both finger picking and strumming. But I'll admit I've always wanted to try a Kiwaya uke - in particular the laminate, but its hard to justify when I'm playing banjo more...
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    Yes - the Godin may go just because despite my affection, I just don't play it much. The Gold Tone will be kept until I get a better banjo uke, or decide that my tenor and plectrum banjos are filling the need adequately.
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    I have one vintage instrument (1927 Bacon and Day Silver Bell Plectrum Banjo), which is an awesome instrument, but in general I think owning something with that much history makes me nervous I'm going to drop it or forget to humidify properly.... The Bacon and Day is the exception because its...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    Interesting on your Flight - I had a chance to try out a batch bought for my kids school and some were definitely better set up than others. The one I bought randomly from Amazon for $40 is absolutely perfect - right on the ragged edge of action too low so it plays incredibly easily.
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    The ultimate banjo uke

    So I've been dabbling in banjo ukes for a while - I had a Firefly, then a Deering and now a Gold Tone Little Gem. I like to play 1920s jazz/dixieland/ragtime style and I'm starting to think that I'd like to get the ultimate banjo uke. The one I hang onto and play forever. In part this was...
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    Thinking of thinning the herd

    I've been playing uke for a while and have bought a lot of ukuleles to try out different things (scales, electronics, banjos, resonators, etc.) and now I'm getting into tenor banjo and I think I need to reduce my ukulele footprint for the good of my storage space (and marriage). Here's what...