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  • Hauoli la hanau greetings Damon, hope you have a supah dey wit family and friends close to your heart
    Darn shame there isn't one that's purple. I would've bought and shipped it to you just because.
    Hauoli la hanau greetings Damon...May you have a super day with family and friends close to your heart...buy a new bday uke brah...
    Hey Damon, do you know what time we're supposed to play? They haven't emailed me yet. Thanks
    Is today the day they put all the leis on the King Kamehaha statue? That is something I would love to see someday. Go check it out.
    Aloha, bragh! Thanks for the add. I'd rather be on the islands right now, it's starting to get overcast again here. <sigh>
    Are you bringing the small Vox amp with you to IN.
    I am bringing my Roland Micro cube. Of course it's different for me, I just throw the stuff in the truck and drive down.
    Are you home yet? I won't even ask if you had fun. I don't need an answer. 17 days, Damon. 17 days. P.S. Don't get offended when I call you Dah-moan instead of Day-mon. Between you and Ra-moan I get all confused. :)
    I had not Rob - THis was one of those things where I just learned it there and did not try to change the key. That is a way to keep in in 1st position though.
    Hey I was looking at the Stray Cat Strut. Did you ever think about going up two semitones to Dm?
    Dm C Bb A7
    Gm F Eb D7
    D7 = 2020
    Just a thought I was playing around.
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