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  • Pulelehua was Melody and Harmony Ukuleles south west of Hilo. Ajenol Ortiz Sr and Jr were the makers. Their bridge is a pulelehua. Jr's wife, Michelle was beginning to craft them. Something happened and Sr. went to Alaska to work on a fishing boat. I can show you pictures of my tenor taropatch. It was traded for a 1923 Martin T-18. We still each have visitation rights to our former instruments
    Hi pulelehua-
    You just posted on my thread about endangered woods and ukuleles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I checked out your profile because you got my attention with your butterfly icon. I looked up your name and learned a little something about Hawaiian butterflies. Have you ever seen a real pulelehua ?I'm interested in Monach butterflies over here is the States, maybe you've heard of them. They are the ones that make a giant migration between the U.S/Canada and Mexico every year. The amazing thing about them is that the ones that leave Mexico and fly to the U.S. are not the same ones that fly back to Mexico in the fall. Somehow the progeny of the spring butterflies know how to get back to where their parents overwintered, but nobody knows how they do it. Turns out deforestation is one of the major threats to our Monarchs, because of the small precious piece of forest in Mexico where they survive over the winter. Anyway, thanks for posting!
    No worries John, totally understand about your parents visiting. Fair enough.

    Great news that you're spreading the word of the uke. Excellent. And that you've already broken up for summer(!) Two days to go for me :uhoh:

    Great news that you're getting a really nice uke. Oooh I'm going to be so jealous. Not that you need it - you make that Kala sound very nice.

    Have a great summer, and hopefully see you on 2 September... :D

    PS - Andy and I have put a couple of videos of the SCUM camp onto the MySpace page if you fancy a look...
    Hi John
    Just thought I'd pop by and say hello. Have you finished for the summer yet? I'm in until Friday, sadly.

    I hope all is well with you, see you on 5 August, hopefully :)
    Great. Hehe I don't remember anything about Sheppey, I am told its cold and had some kind of chemical factory right next to us, used to visit Maidstone couple of times a year though to see old family friends. Sounds like you've done some great moving about, I'm quite fond of the the hedgerows and cider... definately not the tracters though =D
    hey bud, just flicking through your G-string quote. I should have my concert neck soprano KoAloha coming through in a couple of days so if your ever heading down the A38 near Plymouth give me a shout and your more than welcome to try her out. Oh and by the way I spent the first 2 years of my life living on the Isle of Sheppey =D
    'allo. I just wanted to pop in and say I really love the quote in your signature.

    Thanks. My workday ended with a smile.
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