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    Cleaning Advice

    I've just brought a used mahogany uke. I understand in general it shouldn't be necessary to clean a ukulele, a wipe with the appropriate cloth after playing is usually enough. The top of the neck on the rear below the headstock on this uke feels particularly dirty / grime obviously where it's...
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    Brűko String Recommendations

    I've a Brűko slim arched back flame maple & walnut uke , fitted with the standard Pyramid Carbon strings they come with. It does have that " Brűko plonk" which is often mentioned in descriptions / reviews , I don't dislike it but would like to try different strings. I know string choice is a...
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    Hi, I've been lurking for a while now , thought it was time to take the plunge & post ! My names Tracy, I live in a small town , Bexhill-on Sea East Sussex UK . I'm 51 years young & got interested in the ukulele a few months back , fulfilling a lifelong urge to play an instrument, spurred on &...