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  • Hi there. Great win for the Reds yesterday ..... lol..

    Anyway l have also been to the Turtle shop a few times .. l also live near the Trafford Centre, do you know of any local get togethers. l have been to the one inWigan but is a pain to get to..

    Regards Paul ... Flixton..
    Hey :) Hope you're doing well? Not sure if you're a football man but it's good to see Torres back. My camera is a Hue HD
    Hiya mate

    Not been on for a bit myself.
    I prefer Ukulele Cosmos really..
    Some of these ukers are a bit too conformist and purist for me!
    Good luck and take care
    Thanks! Hope to see you cover Please Don't Leave Me.

    I've never seen High School Musical but it seems to be more wholesome than Glee. There are situations that may not be appropriate for kids. At 8, it might go over her head. I know my 8 year old wouldn't understand things like teenage pregnancy, infidelity or sexual innuendos but my 13 year old might. The singing parts are great though.
    Yes! That's a great song too. She has so many. I had a problem trying to sing AND play that one. Maybe after some practice.
    Thanks so much!

    The chords -
    D A
    Maybe I didn't love you
    Bm D G A
    Quite as often as I could have
    D A
    And maybe I didn't treat you
    Bm D Em7
    Quite as good as I should have
    G D
    If I made you feel second best
    G D Em
    Girl, I'm sorry I was blind
    A Bm A7 D Em
    But you were always on my mind
    G A7 D G A
    You were always on my mind
    D A Bm D
    Tell me
    G D Em G A7
    Tell me that your sweet love hasn't died
    D A Bm
    Give me
    D G D Em
    Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied
    I'll keep you satisfied
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