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    F/S Beatles Sgt Pepper Uke / Guitar Strap

    As I use the really thin straps that are sold by Lori, I don't need this standard size strap. Not used at all other than to try it and determine that it wasn't for me, so it's available. CONUS only sales of $13.50 with shipping included. Thanks for reading.
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    Trade Your Ukulele for A Large Pen Collection How about an exciting trade offer? I have done this before and it worked out extremely well, so let's try again. As many people here are into many hobbies, this is the perfect place to offer this up as a trade for a Ukulele. My mom was a Pen...
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    It took 36 Packs of Top Ramen Noodles to Create this Masterpiece

    I did a search and didn't see this listed in the forum, so if it was already commented on, my apologies. Anyone see this? Is a Uke build next?
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    New Build - Fred Shields Custom Long Neck Soprano

    ... and it is being shipped today. Here is the headstock. If the rest of the Uke looks like this, I will have a museum piece.
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    New Build - Fred Shields Custom Long Neck Soprano

    We have gone back to UPT's so I am now waiting for the last things to be done. Mine is the one in front.
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    New Build - Fred Shields Custom Long Neck Soprano

    More pictures ... and now it's beginning to look like a Uke...
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    New Build - Fred Shields Custom Long Neck Soprano

    More pictures.
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    New Build - Fred Shields Custom Long Neck Soprano

    Here are some pictures. The first one is the type of wood that will adorn the top which is Sycamore. The next is the headstock I chose. These were others that I had a choice of:
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    New Build - Fred Shields Custom Long Neck Soprano

    Build Pictures are #18, 24, and #25. ************************************** I'm working my way back. After a long absence due to a variety of circumstances, I am trying to get back into the swing of things and what better way to do it than to commission a new hand made solid wood Uke. As most...
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    Pay It Forward with Banjo Strings

    Somewhere along the line, I received some new Banjo Strings by D'Addario. This is the J61 5 String Set of Nickel Wound Medium Gauge Strings. I have 3 sets which will go to the first three continental U.S. addressed people who respond to this message. Send your mailing address. This link is...
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    Puff the Magic Dragon

    A Song I Really Love. I hope I have kept up with the spirit of the music with this slightly varied arrangement of picking and strumming. Enjoy.
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    Beautiful Kanile'a K1-C Glossy Concert Uke with New Case

    Pictures can be seen at: Those that know me know that Kanile'as are my favorite Ukes. I have 3 different ones: A 19 inch Custom Tenor, 17 inch KPE Tenor, and a 15 inch K-1 C concert. I believed, and still believe, that you need all 3 scales so that...
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    Penny Lane Emporium of Ft. Lauderdale gets some nice press.

    Penny Lane Emporium is the main place in the South Florida area where Ukulele players unite. It was where I purchased my first good Uke. They have quite a selection of Ukes and Uke related products, such as cases, music, strings, etc, and carry a wide assortment of brands, such as Kanile'a...
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    Flea Gigbag w/Straps I have had 4 Fleas over time and somewhere along the line I have an extra one that is not necessary. It is tan with straps and comes with the little booklet that I suppose originally came with the Flea when it was new. Color is a little off in the...
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    Stu Fuchs Beatles Medly

    I really enjoyed this 10 minute Beatles Medley from Stu Fuchs and his band Babik.