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  • Hrm..tempting, but I prefer tenors. I'm situated in Vermont, a bump north from you.

    I noticed that you have a kamaka tenor, any thoughts of putting that up for a trade?

    Hi - I'm also in NYC - live about five short blocks from Cafe Reggio. It's getting a little cold, but do you ever play in the park?
    I intentionally don't glue them in. Some people want to fiddle with them or maybe groove it out for a wound string. If the nt slides around a little on you, just put a tiny dab of elmer's or rubber cement under the nut.
    I hope to have a proto-type within a couple weeks and hopefully have them for sale in a couple months. I have good feelings about it and hope to offer it at around $260.
    I am making good progress with the banjo-ukes, it's been quite a long road to get what I am aiming for with that. Ask MGM, he mentioned to me recently about ordering more.
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