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  • Sweet! Congrats! You should start a post in Uke Talk about it...don't forget to post pics.
    Bummer. Well, at least you know MGM is working his voodoo magic to make sure it's a great player when you get it. So you mentioned taking lessons. Are you taking ukulele lessons? Where are these lessons at?

    Oh, and since you asked...I've been playing since Memorial day (about 7 months). I used to play guitar...just was never good at it. Because I'm an engineer...I got into all the technical stuff like setup and intonation and adjusting the action. I even converted my acoustic guitar into an acoustic-electric (installed a preamp and undersaddle pickup). It turned out pretty nice...then I sold it.
    Congratulations! :smileybounce:

    My guess is you'll have it by Friday. MGM is a super dude and doesn't mess around with getting you your stuff. If you have any questions or need help...shoot me a PM.

    I think its cool that you and your friend are learning uke. By the way...your Kala will be way better than his Mitchell. :) I'm glad to see some uke players in the area, too. Maybe if there's enough of us...we could start a uke club. There's one in Lansing and they get together once a month at Elderly Instruments and jam. Good luck with your uke purchase. Bass and uke go good together. Check out Monsterbazz on YouTube. Sebi is the master with multitrack videos.
    Haha! Small world. I work in Portage (Pfizer). I make the trek down I-94 everyday.
    Welcome to UU, by the way. What part of MI you from? I'm over in the Southwest corner.
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