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    Breedlove tenor uke FS Still trying to sell my uke. Almost traded it last time but changed my mind. 500 + shipping.
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    FS breedlove uke

    Selling my breedlove uke. I don't have time to play the uke anymore. 800 firm+ shipping.
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    breedlove uke for sale

    breedlove uke for sale 800 firm plus shipping. Will post vid later of the uke.
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    fs breedlove uke

    I will try again to sell this uke for I don't play it anymore and I've acquired a pet dog. Its 800+shipping firm. that's me playing the uke, its in great condition, less than a year old.
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    FS koolau c-1 uke

    After a while of not playing the uke n m busy schedule I decided to sell my koolau c-1 uke with misi 550+shipping firm.
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    kiss from a rose concert uke

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    to zanarkand uke

    with the breedlove tenor.
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    breedlove tenor for sale again

    didn't really sold it last time but I tried to like the uke but I'm just not into tenor so Im letting this one go for 800+shipping.
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    gently weeps on concert uke

    just me trying gently weeps on a concert uke.
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    ukulele waltz on concert uke

    Practicing uke waltz by aldrine in concert uke.
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    FS: breedlove tenor uke

    Selling my breedlove uke. I just love my koolau c1 too much. Selling for 850 firm + shipping.
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    sound sample of breedlove tenor uke

    bought from ukulelehotline. I didn't like this uke at first but now changing my mind.
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    radiused back pros n con

    Whats good about a radiused back?
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    Interest check: Breedlove uke

    Similar to nuprins breedlove but mine has no blemishes.
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    FS: koolau c-1 with misi

    Selling my used koolau c-1 cuz i've upgraded to a tenor. 550 + shipping firm. Bought it on april for 710 + spent extra 230 for sending it to koolau for the installation of the misi pick up. It plays great i have clear pickguards on it. It sounds great amplified too, Just pm me for question.