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    Baritone lovers!!!

    here are the pics you asked for Tracie
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    Baritone lovers!!!

    I have a 1954 Gretsch that I would be interested in selling. It has a great warm, deep sound. I am not sure what it is actually worth but I would like to get $500. I keep it in a HS case but have the original "chip?" one too. It is rough but I hung on to it anyway. Not exactly sure how to ship...
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    Plastic uke Question

    Can anyone help with this. A friend of mine picked this up and was wondering what it was worth. I told him someone on this forum would be knowledgable. Here are the pics. I have more close ups too. The pitch pipes work too! It has a "chorder" for the beginner. There is a crack in the back too...
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    Tenor: Best offer

    This can be someones new uke. It is a "twisted wood, Banyan model". I am not using this at all and am open to any fair offer. What I really like about this is the warm tone it has. It also has a KoAloha style neck, thin. I really feel someone will love this uke. I have 2 other higher end tenors...
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    Twisted Wood Tenor

    more pics!
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    Twisted Wood Tenor

    This is a TW tenor that I am getting rid of in order to thin the herd. This is a very warm sounding tenor. It is the Banyan, I was told, offered by Twisted Wood. It is solid Koa, but not top grade as you can tell by the price. If you are looking for a solid koa, great sounding uke, at a...
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    2 is better than one!

    More pics
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    2 is better than one!

    I have decided to sell these together. The first is a soprano flea "tiki king". The second is a cigar box uke made by the owner of the North Carolina Ukulele Academy Kent Knorr. Both are fun, great sounding players. THe only reason I am getting rid of them, is like others, I am thinning the...
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    don't understand

    I am a bit confused when looking at chords on songs and they go : c/g what does that slash mean? Do I quickly jump from one chord to another??? ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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    "A" buzz

    My "A" string is buzzing on my KoAloha soprano. I have just changed strings to Martin M600's. They sound great but the buzz is killing me. The buzz seems to come from the nut. Is there any home remedies for this or do I have to replace the nut. (If that is the answer then the next question will...
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    KoAloha string help

    I have a soprano KoAloha and I cannot seem to find the right string combo with it. I have tried the worth clears and t2's. Did not like either in this uke. Too brash ( if that is a good description). What do you all suggest? This is driving me crazy. I have a concert sceptre I love (worth...
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    Must have in tool box???

    I wondering what songs you feel are "must have" or at a minimum, "should have" songs in your tool box. I need to learn more songs and wanted to see what others like to play!
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    Trade anyone???

    I have a Koaloha soprano that I may be interested in trading. I bought this used for $500. I would be interested in any warm sounding tenor. Mainland?? Let me know if you might be interested. Thanks for consideration!
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    $300. Suggestions?

    I have $300 "uke dollars" burning a hole in my paypal account. What should I do? I am considering a mainland tenor or saving for another boat paddle build. What would you do? Any other recommendations accepted and appreciated!
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    Name help

    First off I appreciate all the suggestions on how to teach kids. There are some accomplished teachers on the forum. Now the council of the arts would like a name for this to promote it. it is (4) 1 hour sessions introducing the kids to ukulele. any clever suggestions?