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  • Hey just wanted to send a note to say thanks - your comments along with some others helped point me towards making my recent mainland purchase I got it yesterday and couldn't be happier.
    So far. My niece's mom agreed to allow her to stay with us indefinitely. Now we just have to make space in our daughter's room. 4 kids in a 3-br house! I'm getting past the flu - no more fever or body aches, but still a couple of lingering symptoms that shouldn't be discussed in polite company.
    Hah! I never knew that! I'm not gonna let them trick me with that next time I am up there! I was really thinking of getting a Fluke, but last few times I was up there, I didn't see any. Then again if I do get a Fluke, I want it to be one of the fancy custom designed ones... I have quite a few artist friends who I may be able to talk into designing the body.
    They have a clock that's a tuner. In the room with the guitars, above the window. The workers love to use it and not tell customers - just because once in a while somebody will go, "you can do that by EAR?"

    I ordered my tenor Fluke through them. It was much cheaper than ordering direct.
    They do still carry a FEW decent ukes... most of them are novelty ukes anymore though. That place is my source for all strings, super cool and knowledgeable workers too.
    Oh man, I live right around that area, right between Saint Anthony's Hospital and Butler Hill.

    '93. I was still a little guy back then, no more than four. All I remember of that flood is standing on the steps of the Arch and the water being a step or two below my feet.
    Lol wow, you deserve a +1 for that. I can honestly say I hate that question with a passion because it is ALWAYS the first thing asked here... yet I always obediently answer: Mehlville.
    So your new tenor got me itchin' for a Concert.. but guess what?! they're sold out :( Thanks a lot RevWill, now my UAS won't got into remission unless I find something of equal value to buy! :D
    "Living Buddha Living Christ" sounds familiar, I'll have to look a little harder through my bookshelves. As a homeschooler, I want to include more religious study as my children are getting older- this sounds like a great book to use as a tool- Thank you!
    I have "Peace is Every Step". Do you have recommendations for other titles? I'm always looking for the next book to read. Most of what I've read was written by the Dalai Lama. Seems like there are a few Buddhists here on UU.
    You could say I'm a "former" guitarist...I don't hardly ever play guitar any more since I took up ukulele...Yes, I love the Jimmy Page model. That instrument is a Jerry Jones out of Nashville, TN...I like it hanging up...I'm running it through an Egnater 20 watt, 2-12" cabinet setup...Sweet...
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