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  • Hi Rick: I play regularly with Jay Goldberg (BlueKnight) and Ryan Gueterslow (Ryanmft). Lately we've been talking a lot about the instrument you are building for Jay.

    I read your comments today on refinishing an old uke. I have a 1960 Mexican flamenco guitar. The French polish finish is flaking on the top and I would like to have it stabilized.

    I hear you are planning to attend the uke gathering in SF next month. I'd like to have you look at it and repair the finish. I don't know whether it would be better to visit your shop or have you look at it in SF.

    I certainly am looking forward to meeting you next month. Jon
    Hey Rick, I read your comment on the "back and sides" thread and had a question. Is shorter note duration what makes a uke sound "clear and clean"? The Padauk uke you have at Gryphon sounds really clear and clean to my ears, really good note separation. The more I learn about music, the more questions I have which makes your knowledge all the more amazing to me.

    Thank you,

    Hey Rick, saw your post about the "spruce over Amazon rosewood" concert...I can't wait for mine!!!!
    It did get re-released twice in the UK; first on vinyl from Edsel Records, then as a CD from Evangeline. There are some floating around still. We did do some earlier demos. Not sure whether I have reel to reel copies or not. Must dig! No live stuff that I'm aware of. I would love a chance to re-mix it from the original 1" 8 track master, but I have no idea whether it still exists or not. RT
    As a music guy, I do have to ask... But did you guys record ever anything else? Demos, Live stuff? I'd love to hear more. I'm still kind of surprised that still hasn't gotten the deluxe reissue treatment that so many lesser contemporaries got. Sundazed should have done one years ago...
    Hey Rick,
    I was doing some poking around on the web today and finally connected some dots to realize that you were in Autosalvage.

    I have to say that lp is one of my favorites in a lifetime of record collecting. I've listened to it so many times over the years, I think I've got it almost memorized note by note. Such beautifully intricate music.
    I mean, I suppose for you it's an entire lifetime ago, but it's been a treasured part of mine since hearing a Uk reissue in the mid-80's. (Right now I just need to find a nicer cover to go with a nice original press)
    So apropos of nothing, thanks for the wonderful lp.

    Hi Rick,

    I hope you don't mind me PM'ing you about this, but I'm signed up for your Crucible build class and I called, like you suggested, to let them know I wanted to build a tenor. But I also wanted to remind you that I'm the one that wanted to purchase a pick-up from you (D-Tar) to install as well and when I talked to the person they sounded really confused. Anyhow, that's why I'm emailing you directly as well.

    thanks for your time,

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