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    reincarnation of a sailboat

    My latest build if anyone has feedback or comments they would be appreciated thanks Ricky.
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    Low volume e string Kayla u bass

    I have a spruce top Kayla u bass that I bought used. When pluged in the E string had very little volume to the point it was unplayable. I did Google searches and found others that had the same problem but couldn't find a solution that worked on mine. Everything from amp setup to replacing the...
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    what to play for special needs kids

    Hey everyone my wife and I will be playing for our granddaughters special needs class next week. She and her classmates are of high school age or older. We need to play about 7/8 tunes. We mostly play Americana type songs our usual being of the killing,drinking or cheating type. Not sure that...
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    to radius or not to radius

    Hello Everyone, I started my first tenor ukulele this week I just got my pre slotted 12"radius fretboard. It seems a little steep to me I like a 12" radius on a mandolin but some reason it seems to much for a ukulele. How do you guys feel about it. Thanks Ricky Sp8