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    Classical Guitar, Tenor Guitars & Baritone Uke

    Well there is a reason they call it a discipline and I'm just too old to be disciplined.
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    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    I've never even heard of this guy and I did both a Google and Yahoo search for "ukulele for sale". He didn't come up in four pages of results. I don't really understand the angst over him. He charges you to look online at the ukulele he has for sale? How does that even work and who would even...
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    Ukulele World Congress?

    I went three years and camped in the back forty. I thought it was a little tribal and I never did make it into the tribe. I was under the impression that they were not particularly interested in growing. I mean, that's fine, I was just wondering.
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    Let me take a shot at CAGED.

    I heard people talking about the CAGED system all the time I played ukulele. I sort of gave it a quick look over but never got into it because people made it sound so convoluted. So then when I started playing guitar it came up and I asked my guitar teacher what it was all about and if I should...
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    Ukulele World Congress?

    Is it still going on? I went a few years but then just lost touch with it. Like it either fell off the face of the earth or they turned into a secret society. Anyway, I can't find anything on it.
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    Lifetime Warranty

    I have a Taylor with the ES pickup so that is good to know. It is working fine right now though.
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    Why Ukulele?

    One summer our neighbors started having a bonfire on Sunday evenings and inviting everyone in the neighborhood over to tip a few. That led to a raucous rounds of singing. I was in the music store one day and spotted a ukulele. I played guitar back in the day and thought, why not? I bought it...
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    Lifetime Warranty

    I wonder. Both the Guild and the Taylor guitars I own have a lifetime warranty on the guitars, but not the electronics.
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    Amp recommendations

    I think that several people have answered that question well enough. I have no experience with the Rogue practice amp. The Custom PA-50 is 50 watts, but you can turn it down if you want. For me, I would rather have a 50 watt and have the headroom and versatility to grow with it if that is where...
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    Bass Ukulele right for me?

    What do you expect to do with a bass? It is somewhat limited in its use I think. At least with guitar it is most often a supporting instrument. My wife plays bass guitar. Unless there is something I don't know about bass ukuleles, what I've seen there is a lot of walking a bass line, plucking...
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    Frictions please!

    Odd man out here, I kind of like them. It gives it a little of its own identity. I would leave them just as they are.
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    Pono guitars vs. like-priced Taylors/Martins, etc.

    Name recognition isn't everything but it is something.To me there are a number of good guitars in that price range already. I'm partial to Guild, but Taylor, Fender, Martin, Eastman, Yamaha, Takamine, they are already saturating the market. So I think Pono has to stand above those to gain a...
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    Best singer playing the uke.

    I like James Hill. I like his style.
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    String Prices

    What constitutes pricey?
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    Amp recommendations

    Check out the Kustom PA50. I've been busking with one for eight years. It should do the trick. $119