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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Two his enough for me. One as my regular player and a spare just in case. I have three though. I loaned one out earlier this summer and I haven't heard from it or seen it since. It's okay, I still have two. I can not fathom being so into ukes that I would have fifty or sixty of them, or even...
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    How do you store your extra strings?

    A little wooden tool box that my wife's grandfather made her. I have the strings, a bunch of picks, some tools, a spare tuner, just all my ukulele and guitar accrouchaments are in it.
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    Too Many Instruments

    I play guitar and ukulele. I've been very tempted to get a concertina. I've also been tempted to learn to fiddle. I have my grandfather's fiddle that he brought from France after the first world war. But as it is I play guitar mostof the time, uke once in a while. I do some gigs with a uke group...
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    Tea or coffee? What do you prefer?

    Since I wrote this in March I've stopped drinking coffee and gone to tea. My brother has been a tea drinker for years and coffee was rotting my gut. He found a green tea for me that I like. Still, like a lot of things one drinks, it is an acquired taste. But I'm a tea drinker now.
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    I can go either way. But when I'm playing out for people, gigging or busking, I use a strap just so that I can free up my hands for other things. I've noticed that early on I'll hike my uke up and play it with slack in the strap and let it hang when I'm not playing it and doing something else...
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    The E- Chord - Is there an alternative?

    For many years I avoided the dreaded E. But a year and a half ago I started playing guitar and that same fingering is one of the standards for going up and down the neck as a bar chord starting with the B. And it is a stretch on the guitar. So I made peace with it and now I embrace the E on the...
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    Uke over Guitar

    I agree. I treat them as two different instruments. Yes, there are enough similarities to make one think that they are interchangable, but I have not found that to be true beyond the most basic skills. It is like speaking two different languages. If you are trying to translate one in context of...
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    Uke over Guitar

    I like both. I played guitar years and years ago, moved on, then took up the uke. Since I took up the uke I got inspired to play guitar again. It isn't an either/or proposition for me. They both compliment each other. Agreed though, guitars do cost more than ukes. But I'm not into buying them in...
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    How young is too young for a first uke?

    I bought my grand daughter a Dolphin for her second birthday for the same reason, she was pawing my ukes. She doesn't seem to want to play it, she wants to throw it around. If I get it out and try to show her how to play it her attention span is two minutes max. She is four now and the uke is...
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    We got along pretty well through it all. No stress that I've noticed from it anyway. I went back to playing guitar after forty years. I took lessons on Skype this time around and it went well. I did a lot of writing, which is what I do, with fewer distractions. We got comfortable with Zoom. My...
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    Finding the Right Key

    I only play in three or four keys generally but when I'm doing a gig somewhere I like to mix them up in my play list. It is a bit redundant for the audience I think to sit through a half dozen songs in C major. I try not to play more than three songs in the same key back to back. Just another...
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    I may be going to the dark side.

    I'm looking at baritones. Seriously looking at them.
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    What to do to care for ukes in tropical weather

    I never worried or even thought about the humidity, but if you live near the ocean the salt air will do a number on the tuners.
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    Christmas ukulele?

    Who is not planning on getting a new ukulele for Christmas, or during the holidays for that matter? I'm not going to.
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    The indestructibles.

    I had a pretty nice Ohana spruce top soprano that I was taking down to the beach. A guy stopped to talk to me and was admiring my uke, he said he was a uke player too, and he asked me if I wasn't worried about having a nice wooden ukulele out there where it might get wet. I told him jokingly...