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  • The International School.. You should have received it some time ago. I sent it out right after the Labor Day holiday.
    I have not yet seen it.

    Do you remember sending it to my home on S Shelton St or
    to my work at Denny International Middle School at 8402 30th Ave SW?

    I've been looking for it in both places.

    Thanks again for your generous efforts. I hope to report to you about it soon.

    Uncle Rod
    It is called an acciacatura. You play the first note (open) very quickly and hammer on to the note on the first fret. the next note you play as a normal 1/8 note. Listen to my recording. Listen to the one used on my video called "Not A Soul".
    both should have been the same They are all new from Koolau but do both fit your ukes??? may have been a older box John sent me before I told him to lengthen them to accept superconcerts
    Hi Ronnie,
    Thanks, sometimes it helps to justify my UAS by telling myself that I'm just buying more subject-matter to take pics of. Ohhh, I'm jealous that you were just at Ko'Aloha. I've been planning my next trip since the plane lifted-off from Lihue! I'm glad it was so memorable for them! They're such an amazing group of people. I'm hoping to visit them again after the wedding.
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