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    East Coast trip help

    I'll be going to Giants/Cowboys game at East Rutherford on 9/5. I am looking for a reasonable hotel nearby to do a bag drop before heading straight to the game from the airport. I'll then take the train down to DC for the Nationals game on 9/6 the to Baltimore for the Orioles game on 9/7 before...
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    Ukes in the news...
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    Jakes Documentary

    Just back from the premiere of Jake's documentary at the Castro in SF. Wow. That's all I can say. I learned so much about the man behind the uke. It's a touching film that had many, including Jake, in tears. For those who can't see it on the film festival runs it will be on PBS in the fall...
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    Silent Night to Those Who Keep Us Free
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    Red Snark on Sale $10.70 free shipping Enjoy! This is my favorite tuner.
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    Any UU East Coast Storm Updates?

    Hoping things are OK for all of you...
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    Blue Snark on Sale $9.25 free shipping
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    Sam from Larry's Music on Hawaii 5-0?

    I'm wondering if that was Sam on the latest episode of Hawaii 5 0. It was the scene where they busted into the bookie's house. The character I'm talking about was wearing a headset taking bets on the phone. Perhaps he was a look alike!
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    MGM has closed...

    Michael just posted on facebook he has closed due to health issues. Godspeed Michael.
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    Jake streaming live right now.
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    A Jake Kamaka on ebay?

    Well almost priced like a Jake...This is one of the most outrageous auctions I've seen. And he MIGHT still box the case and uke. So he might just stick a stamp on the case and mail it out...
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    KoAloha's Song for Japan
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    Joe Sousa interviewed in the fatal crash of a Marine helicopter My condolences go out to the Marine's family. Thank you for your service to our country.
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    Got the Uke Family Out

    First time that I've bothered gathering them... The Kamakas. A little soprano is away at school in Hawai'i. The KoAlohas. A concert is also away at school in Hawai'i. The whole gang on the mainland.
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    KoAloha and Ohta's in concert in San Jose