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  • Hey, RussBuss. I'm the dude that bugs you on utube! Your videos are awesome, such as "Walking in LA". Hey, I'm going to shoot you a friends request, high five. Don't leave me hangin', brother Russ. Steve Ck1
    Hey there new Daddy, congratulations!

    I saw a pic of your foldable uke and was wondering if there was a thread or info out there anywhere about how you did it. I would appreciate any info you can pass on when you have a moment. Stay sane inside of parent insanity. If you make it to UWC next year I shall have a cold beer waiting for you.
    Thank you,
    I'm always shocked at the speed of the mail between Alberta and California.
    sorry your birthday card is going to be totally late, and not very clever.
    Fantastic video collab. of Tom Petty's song. Love it. Extremely professional. Posted on HU Blog too! Jeff
    RB: I was in Napa on Sat with Wendy doing all day crafts faire. She had great sales -- so it was a good deal. I saw your video with Ken, Grumpy & 6ster. I was there on Sunday and hung out with Ken Middleton for a while -- he's great in person too! I wish I cudda been strummin' with you too.
    Very glad to be here Russ. I think I spend too much time on either YT or with the uke... I need to spend more time here.
    Hey Russ. Yeah Cairns was great - it's not often we get such a line-up of uke legends in this part of the world. Still some videos to upload :)
    I've seen Neil about 12 or 13 times since 1986. It's been a long time now, though. I guess if I could see him in a good setting I could rationalize the price. Once I saw him for free at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. That was my favorite time seeing him, very intimate. Take care, dpg
    Thanks for the reply Russ. I know what your saying about ticket prices, I haven't been to a big venue for years. You'd think that Neil would be against all that. With the sponsored by nobody and the this notes for you and all. I guess the greats have to fall into the trap like the rest of them though. Too bad when it happens to an icon of public rights like Neil though. Can't wait til we meet again. Take care, dpgratz
    Hey russ!!

    I finally got myself on UU. Great to see you at the UWC again. Sunday was my favorite though. Neil rules. You ever get to see him out there in SF? Bridge benifit? That's a great time. Take care buddy, dpgratz
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